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Julius is an open-source, high-performance large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR) engine for speech-related researchs and developments. With HMM acoustic model and language model, you can construct your own speech recognition system.

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发布: 2011-12-25 00:00
julius 4.2.1 (3 files 隐藏)


Version 4.2.1 is a bug fix release. Many bugs has been fixed,
especially the C0 handling with CMN. Additionary, per-word insertion
penalty at grammar is newly supported.

See the "Release.txt" file for the full list of updates.

バージョン 4.2.1 は主にバグ修正のリリースです。C0 が CMN されない問題

変更点の詳細な一覧は Release-ja.txt をご覧ください.


New features:
- Add support for per-word insertion penalty setting at grammar
recognition. You can set different word insertion score for each word
entry at .dict file. For example, if you have an entry
15 [a] a
in .dict file and want to assign word insertion score of "-2.0" to
this word, you can write like this:
15 @-2.0 15 [a] a
The figure after "@" is the insertion penalty. The third
element should be the same as the first element.

- New option "-chunk_size" can specify the audio fragment size in
number of samples. The default value is 1000.

- At "adintool", enable input detection by default for standard input.

Fixed bugs:
- (IMPORTANT) CMN is not performed for C0 coef. This bug exists in
the versions from 4.1.3 to 4.2.
- "-forcedict" won't work for additional dictionaries given by "-adddict".
- Corrupted header of recorded WAV file when interrupted by CTRL+C.
- Occasional segfault when reading a wrongly formatted dictionary.
- Won't compile with configure option "--enable-word-graph".
- Segfault of "mkbingram" and "generate-ngram" at cygwin.

- 文法認識において単語別の挿入ペナルティ設定をサポート.
15 @-2.0 15 [a] a
 第2フィールドに "@" に続けて挿入ペナルティを対数で指定する。

- 新オプション "-chunk_size": オーディオ入力のバッファ長をサンプル数で
指定可能(デフォルト: 1000)小さくすると遅延を小さくできるが小さす
- adintool で標準入力時に検出をデフォルトで有効化

- 特徴量に C0 を使っているとき,C0 に CMN が行われない
- mkbingram,generate-ngram が cygwin で落ちる
- "-adddict" で追加した辞書に "-forcedict" が効かない
- 音声録音時,CTRL+C で止めると WAV ヘッダにデータ長が書きこまれない
- エラーを含む辞書を読んだとき、エラーを吐かずに segfault する
- "--enable-word-graph" でコンパイルエラーが出る