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Sun May 24 05:14:07 JST 2020

#40438: Bug in libmingwex-5.3.1 dll

  Open Date: 2020-05-23 18:07
Last Update: 2020-05-24 05:14

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2020-05-24 05:14 Updated by: rosasmje


1. "libmingwex-5.3.1-mingw32-dll-2.tar.xz" is from this site & sha256sum
matches. 2. you can use any PE-tools analyzers to view this 'libmingwex-2.dll'
& see reported mistake: 'emutls_get_address' import is linked again to
'libmingwex-2.dll'. Windows10 (& for sure olders) will always refuse to load
this DLL. So.. it is up to you(? or your group) to fix (or not to fix?)

By the way, I downloaded source of 'mingw-org-wsl', but did not find there any
strings matching 'emutls_get_address'.. well I don't know much about
C-compilers, so... can't help you to find origin of mistake, but I am sure you
can do this.

this mingw looks fun, maybe I will look more at it.. Bye-Bye!

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      Reporter: rosasmje
         Owner: keith
          Type: Issues
        Status: Open [Owner assigned]
      Priority: 2
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      Severity: 5 - Medium
    Resolution: None

Ticket details:

libmingwex-5.3.1 is BUGGY! it imports from self procedure
"__emutls_get_address", while not exporting it. thus any linked app would not
start. changed to --static also submitted this as review. also tested Version
5.2.2, it is good; it has not any "__emutls_get_address" inside;

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