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HTML source code, style-sheets, scripts, and images for deployment on mingw.osdn.io

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修订版e047b0dd3b5c2955b5d833dfc5f9ef30a14c5ee7 (tree)
时间2021-11-23 07:39:42
作者Keith Marshall <keith@user...>
CommiterKeith Marshall

Log Message

Correct bad reference link from preceding commit.

* docrefs.html (dllver.html): Point link to this, correcting...
(pkgspecs.html): ...pasted copy of reference to this.



--- a/docrefs.html
+++ b/docrefs.html
@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ HOWTO Interpret the Names of Packages Distributed by MinGW.OSDN
8686 <dt><a target="_blank" href="index.html?page=pkgspec.html">
8787 HOWTO Write Specifications for Packages to be Distributed by MinGW.OSDN
8888 </a></dt>
89-<dt><a target="_blank" href="index.html?page=pkgspec.html">
89+<dt><a target="_blank" href="index.html?page=dllver.html">
9090 HOWTO Manage a Collection of Installed MinGW Dynamic Link Libraries
9191 </a></dt>
9292 </dl><!-- setup -->
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