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The '''MUtilities''' library is a collection of routines and classes to extend the Qt cross-platform framework. It contains various convenience and utility functions as well as wrappers for OS-specific functionalities. The library was originally created as a "side product" of the [ LameXP] application: Over the years, a lot of code, '''not''' really specific to LameXP, had accumulated in the LameXP code base. Some of that code even had been used in other projects too, in a "copy & paste" fashion – which had lead to redundancy and much complicated maintenance. In order to clean-up the LameXP code base, to eliminate the ugly redundancy and to simplify maintenance, the code in question has finally been refactored into the MUtilities (aka "MuldeR's Utilities for Qt") library. This library now forms the foundation of LameXP and other OpenSource projects.


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