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2011-03-10 16:34 (by munetoh)

New OpenPTS (version 0.2) is written in C and designed to manage remote platform by using TPM oriented attestation. It contains both collector and verifier of PTS. Please see the user's guide (at wiki) for details.

It was tested on Atmel T (显示更多...)


2010-02-06 08:18 (by munetoh)

I just update the GRUB-IMA patch for Fedora12 since the old patch did not work for this.

It's important to note that EFI platform is not supported yet.

The patch was tested by Thinkpad X200 and Fedora 12(X86_64).



2008-08-13 11:23 (by munetoh)

This is minor update of OpenPlatformTrustServices.
The tcdemo package contains new CUI commands to avoid GCJ/Swing troubles.
Also known bugs were fixed.

The usage of new command is shortly described here: (显示更多...)


2008-02-14 18:44 (by munetoh)

実験で利用しているKNOPPIXのLinux Kernel、Iceweaselに新規の脆弱性が見つかったため、Geeks v1.0は現在検証が失敗する状態になっています。パッケージを更新した新しいISOイメージができるまで少々お待ちください。

New Vulnerabilities, Linux Kernel and (显示更多...)

2008-02-14 12:42 (by munetoh)


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