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2022-06-26 02:30 (by giorgio_tani)

PeaZip 8.7.0 is ready for download!
The new release continues the path of improvement of the app's GUI, with better organized archiving and extraction options, improved file manager, and refreshed themes.
Also, the (显示更多...)


2022-04-13 05:29 (by giorgio_tani)

PeaZip 8.6.0 is ready for download!
Release 8.6.0 comes with new themes and improved, easier to customize UI layout, fit for matching the different visual styles of modern versions of all supported systems (Linux, Wi (显示更多...)


2022-02-21 02:46 (by giorgio_tani)

PeaZip 8.5.0 is ready for download!
8.5.0 release improves scripting, usage of layouts (defining advanced inclusion and exclusion filters, and optionally input list), and updates compression settings.
PeaZip for mac (显示更多...)


2021-12-16 01:55 (by giorgio_tani)

PeaZip 8.4.0 is ready for download!
This is the first release providing experimental native packages for Darwin / macOS platform, both aarch64 (for M1 Apple Silicon chip) and Intel x86_64: (显示更多...)


2021-09-13 00:08 (by giorgio_tani)

PeaZip 8.2.0 is ready for download!
This release improves CLI and scripting usage, updating archiving and extraction switches, and introduces (peazip)/res/batch folder which contains sample scripts and system integrati (显示更多...)


2021-06-11 00:55 (by giorgio_tani)

PeaZip 8.0.0 is ready for download!
The new release adds support for even more archive types, and improves how container file types are managed for browsing and conversion; also, previewing files / folders in archives (显示更多...)


2021-04-20 02:01 (by giorgio_tani)

PeaZip 7.9.0 is ready for download!
This release introduces PEA 1.00 backend, improves managing temporary files, enhances usability allowing to customize items spacing and zooming, and improves ZPAQ support automatical (显示更多...)


2021-03-21 20:15 (by giorgio_tani)

PeaZip 7.8.0 is ready for download!
This release introduces interactive extraction option, as alternative to policy-based unattended extraction implemented in previous versions (which is still available).
Custom file (显示更多...)


2021-02-13 00:07 (by giorgio_tani)

PeaZip 7.7.1 is ready for download!
This is a maintenance release focused on fixing issues and improving user experience.
211 file extensions are currently supported.
PeaZip is a file manager and archive manager util (显示更多...)


2021-01-10 05:16 (by giorgio_tani)

PeaZip 7.7.0 is ready for download:
New release introduces fixes, improves control over temporary work files, and (on Linux) allows to optionally use system's p7zip rather than the ones coming with the application.
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