PeaZip 9.1.0 - Free, Open Source file archiver utility
2023-02-26 22:43 (by giorgio_tani)

PeaZip 9.1.0 is ready for download!


The new release comes with a major GUI restyle, updating themes and enhancing usability of the file manager, archive/extraction and settings screens.

The scripting engine was updated, it is now possible to save archive conversion tasks as CLI scripts, and to set application's syntax to match a specific 7z/p7zip version.

Support for TAR, Brotli and Zstandard files was improved.

A new portable BSD package, compiled for x86_64 architecture, is now available for download.

A total of 230 file extensions can now be opened as archives.


PeaZip is an Open Source (LGPLv3), cross-platform (BSD, Linux, macOS, Windows) archive manager and file manager utility, written with Lazarus / FreePascal IDE, which works as a GUI command line scripts generation engine for 7z/p7zip, Brotli, Zpaq, Zstd and other open source CLI archiving and compression tools.

This allows either to:

* use PeaZip as an interactive GUI application, as alternative to WinRar, WinZip, 7-Zip and similar apps), or

* use PeaZip to save tasks as batch CLI scripts for later use (for fine tuning beyond GUI's capabilities, learning the syntax, or re-use and automation purposes) to make easier to create and edit batch archiving / backup / unarchiving tasks.

Create (compress to): 7Z, Brotli, BZip2, GZip, PAQ, PEA, RAR (if Rar.exe is available), TAR, WIM, XZ (LZMA2), ZIP, Zstandard files, SFX self-extracting archives, and spanned archives (001 split files)

Open, browse, decompress / extract: RAR / RAR5, ACE, APPX, APK, ARJ, CAB, DMG, IPA, ISO, JAR, LHA, MSI, UDF, ZIPX files and more... PeaZip can also try to open as archives arbitrary file types, if the structure is based on known standards, to access to internal resources.

Built-in archive conversion: convert or consolidate existing archives, from any read-supported to any write-supported type, e.g .rar to .zip or .7z conversion.

The program provides strong encryption with optional two factor authentication (encrypt with password and keyfile) for any supported format implementing encryption, encrypted password manager, random password / keyfile generation, secure data deletion, hashing and checksum functions, tabbed browsing, and search inside archives.



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