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PeaZip is a free file archiver utility. The application provides an unified, natively portable, cross-platform file manager and archive manager GUI for many Open Source technologies like 7-Zip, FreeArc, PAQ, UPX.

Create: 7Z, ARC, Brotli, BZip, GZip, PEA, TAR, WIM, XZ, ZPAQ, ZIP, Zstandard files and more

Open and extract 200+ file types: ACE, CAB, DEB, ISO, RAR, ZIPX and more

Features of PeaZip includes extract, create and convert multiple archives at once, edit existing archives, create self-extracting archives (sfx), split files, strong encryption with two factor authentication, encrypted password manager, secure deletion, find duplicate files, calculate hashes, export task definition as command line script.


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发布: 2021-12-15 17:25
peazip 8.4.0 (19 files 隐藏)


PeaZip 8.4.0 is the first release providing experimental native packages for Darwin / macOS platform, built for aarch64 M1 Apple Silicon SoC, and Intel x86_64.

This release brings fixes, improvements in management of temporary files, option to stop test batches only if errors are detected, and new language selection control.

A new alternative benchmark is available, based on integer and floating point arithmetic, testing single core and multi core performances.

PeaZip now comes with updated backends: Pea 1.05, and 7z 21.06, which is now employed on all platform. On Linux, 7z backend replaces p7zip, which is still fully supported as alternative.



Pea 1.05

7z 21.06 (console) used by default on Darwin/macOS, Linux, and Windows p7zip, and szcnick's p7zip (fork of p7zip) syntax is fully supported and can be used as alternative replacing (peazip)/res/bin/7z/7z binary


Fixed issues when temporary work path is set to user's temp

(Windows) Fixed unnecessary confirmation message for non existing output directory

Fixed smart extraction not able to remove extra level of nesting


Added single and multi core performances benchmark, in main menu Tools > System benchmark (pea)

The benchmark performs integer and floating point arithmetic operations

Benchmark result unit is arbitrary and only meant to allow comparison between different platforms: for reference 2020 MacBook Air M1 score is 100 (single core) and 515 (multi core) for aarm64 build

(Darwin/macOS, Linux) File manager columns' menu is available righclicking status bar

(Darwin/macOS) Improved file manager

Added links to Volumes, Applications, and System/Applications in navigation treeview

Added auto-configured custom apps for "Open with" submenu

Added macOS-specific funtions in context menu, File Manager > System tools: Launchpad, Activity monitor, System preferences, Disk utility

Open command prompt here function now working

PeaUtils launching from PeaZip now working

Run function now working

Language can now be changed from dropdown menu from General settings tab (main menu, Options > Settings); previous method allowing to manually select the language file is still available from the link before the dropdown menu


New option to not stop sequences of archive test tasks unless an error is encountered. From main menu, Options > Settings, Advanced tab set "Stop to inspect report for error, list" instead of default value "Stop to inspect report for error, list, test". With this setting, a successful archive test closes on completion unless an error is foud in the archive and test fails, in which case error message (and full report) is shown to user and needs to be dismissed before continuing with following test in sequence

Improved management of temporary work files: 7z/p7zip work files during compression are now inside peazip-tmp subpath, if work directory is set to Custom or User's temp