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PeaZip is a free file archiver utility. The application provides an unified, natively portable, cross-platform file manager and archive manager GUI for many Open Source technologies like 7-Zip, FreeArc, PAQ, UPX.

Create: 7Z, ARC, Brotli, BZip, GZip, PEA, TAR, WIM, XZ, ZPAQ, ZIP, Zstandard files and more

Open and extract 200+ file types: ACE, CAB, DEB, ISO, RAR, ZIPX and more

Features of PeaZip includes extract, create and convert multiple archives at once, edit existing archives, create self-extracting archives (sfx), split files, strong encryption with two factor authentication, encrypted password manager, secure deletion, find duplicate files, calculate hashes, export task definition as command line script.


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发布: 2022-04-13 02:22
peazip 8.6.0 (18 files 隐藏)


PeaZip 8.6.0 release comes with new themes and improved, easier to customize UI layout. Under the hood, it is now possible to use custom compression pre-sets (either built-in or user defined) from command line and scripts, and to set immediate execution for custom compression pre-sets. Updated backends: Pea 1.07, and (Linux) Zstd 1.5.2.



Pea 1.07; (Linux) Zstd 1.5.2


Fixed dictionary size for ZIP using XZ compression

(Windows) Fixed compatibility issue with Windows XP

(Windows) Fixed defective system's file explorer refresh after some operations Various fixes


Improved theming

New "Main" theme (default), with icons meant to visually integrate the application with most of the design styles found on supported platforms

New "Different" theme meant to integrate with macOS visual style without being too unfamiliar to users of modern Windows and Linux systems

New "Gray" theme meant to integrate with modern Windows systems and Fluent design

Previous versions theme is named "Ten" and can be set from the themes picker in Options > Settings, Theme tab, Advanced section

Other old themes are available collected in a separate package

Themes picker control was simplified

New .ico and .png icons are now available in (peazip)/res/share/icons directory for customizing the application on Linux, macOS, and Windows systems

Simplified organization of UI layout

New Style popup menu from the right of tool bar unifies the multiple submenus for quick customization of the UI

Righclicking on the Styles button is a secondary way to show column's header menu for organizing the browser in details mode (as column headers are not correctly handled on some target operating systems)

Status bar is now simpler and more focused on displaying information about navigation and password, now that styles-related controls are moved to the new Styles button in tool bar

On the left of the status bar displayed and selected items are shown, plus information about items cut or copied in the clipboard; clicking or passing the mouse on that area displays comprehensive information about current archive (if applicable), filesystem and clipboard content

On the right of the status bar is available the button to enter / change password Navigation submenu in context menu is now simpler and more focused on file browsing, with the removal of duplicate sytles-related controls

Unified navigation menu for address bar, breadcrumb and treeview to provide an single, easier to understand structure (organized in the same way of the navigation side bar), and to remove duplicate controls

Added session history popup menu to "back" and "forward" buttons, and breadcrumb popup menu to "up" button


Added "Immediate execution" option for Profiles and Presets, in Add button's dropdown menu: If the option is flagged, custom compression profiles and presets immediately starts compression when selected without requiring confirmation Added command line switches to compress items using one of the compression presets or loading a saved custom compression setting

-add2preset N uses Nth preset settings; presets are numbered from 0 to 15, and are fully customizable, they can be found in (peazip)/res/share/presets directory

-add2custom (full qualified name of the custom compression setting) uses the custom compression setting specified after the switch

Those switches can also be used in scripts (.reg, desktop files, .workflow service menus) employed to integrate PeaZip with Linux, Mac, and Windows systems; if "immediate execution" option is enabled, compression will start immediately without requiring confirmation, otherwise it will be possible to modify the task further before lanuching it

Added option to not immediately save edited files into archive, keeping changes for further editing (or for manually saving to archive from context menu, More submenu)

Labels in status bar of Archiving and Extraction screens are clickable to show synthetic information about the task