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2023-03-05 14:00
评论由 climax

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Overall great and impressive. Can be used as a main distro but only if the person using it is techie enough to understand the concept.
Among every arch distros I've seen, this is by far the best because it provides vanilla arch experience with ricing on top of it. Peux changed the way people used to experience the DEs, by mixing the WM essence in it.
Slight loopholes: 1. not updated regularly because this is a hobby project 2. due to that, for non-techie users may have difficulties but techies should be able to proceed just fine. 3. Single person maintaining everything, resulting in lack of support. If people could come forward to fill the gaps, this project will regain its popularity. I am no techie, so I won't be of much help but I will try to spread the word.