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Pixel3ROM is an after-market open source firmware for selected list of QCOM smartphones. It is based on Android Open Source Project and brings features and UI changes from Google Pixel stock firmware.


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发布: 2019-08-15 02:49
Pixel3ROM - dipper 2019/08/15 (1 files 隐藏)



3ed9f374e - (HEAD -> pie-qpr3-release) audiopolicy: support extended feature in audiopolicymanager (3 hours ago)


1685544eefd - (HEAD -> pie-qpr3-release) Add auth framework for outgoing SMS messages. (3 hours ago)

92372692f6d - WifiDisplayController: handle preexisting p2p connection status (3 hours ago)

7213ec39670 - WiFiDisplayController: Defer the P2P Initialization from its constructor. (3 hours ago)

097a43edc07 - Merge changes for launching wifidisplay from system settings (3 hours ago)


07617cc17 - (HEAD) Gralloc2: Mark some gralloc bits as valid (3 hours ago)


721c1c2a2 - (HEAD) Avoid showing stack trace without QTI telephony extension (3 hours ago)

8a28b90fd - MSIM: Fix to call setMccMnc() with proper mcc-mnc value (3 hours ago)

103c48a23 - Telephony: Enable data call on CSIM. (3 hours ago) a6ebcf61a - SimPhoneBook: Add ANR/EMAIL support for USIM phonebook. (3 hours ago)

8e4a5c9dc - Telephony: Send INITIALATTACH only when it is applicable. (3 hours ago)

87e2e77e6 - Enable vendor Telephony plugin: MSIM Changes (3 hours ago)

55bd5b59f - Enable vendor Telephony plugin (3 hours ago)

f6ebc6575 - telephony: Squashed support for simactivation feature (3 hours ago)


3c55ab067 - (HEAD) WiFi: Ignore connectivity scans during WFD session (3 hours ago)


830d0d55e - (HEAD) Telephony: Implement alternative method for manual network select (3 hours ago)

d5b37e29c - Fix non-protected broadcasts sent from phone process. (3 hours ago)


c8c8a4d - (HEAD -> pie-qpr3-release) dipper: add f2fs native support (3 hours ago)


5b27ca4 - (HEAD -> pie-qpr3-release) RELEASE dipper-kernel: build 2019/08/15 - (3 hours ago)


7753b4d - (HEAD -> pie-qpr3-release) sdm845-common: remove google interfaces from soong namespaces (3 hours ago)

ba70783 - sdm845-common: Enable TARGET_USES_ALTERNATIVE_MANUAL_NETWORK_SELECT (3 hours ago)


1. CAF Telephony support 2. Fixed Network selection 3. Wi-Fi Display support 4. F2FS support