Upgrade: Layers
2021-04-03 00:40 (by giuliods)

First news on this project, just to make clear this repository is not actually dead, I am working on the source.

I am working on layers, an abstraction of a z axis which will contain images, grid, actors and more. This layers (as in gimp) will be displayed one over the other and the content can be controlled by special methods.

Actors will be in a special layer called actor-layer, which will contain the previous actors list and display characters as before.

The variable can be used either isolated and controlled by the layer itself (you just need the position of the entity to move) or connected to an external list.

As today I already implemented image-layer, grid-layer and actor-layer, I am testing and debugging the layer system, connected with the sdl :idle and I will commit the new sources.

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