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The main repository for rulp in Mercurial

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# RULP: Ru*** roLeplay Playground

It is a virtual board for roleplay games, it display a table
with a grid to simulate battles and scenaries. It include
an editor to create your own map and events.

## Install

The software is released as binaries on the osdn page in both appimage
with dependencies and rpm/deb. This software uses raylib, tcl and tk to

If you want to compile, be aware that this software is
developed with Common Lisp and it is tested and deployed with
the "Steel Bank Common Lisp" (sbcl), but it can work
with other implementations such as GNU clisp or Clozure Common Lisp.

* sbcl (or clisp, or ccl)

Also the software uses sdl2 and ltk libraries for display graphics.

* sdl2-devel
* sdl2_image-devel
* tcl
* tk
* quicklisp

with all these dependencies you should be able to compile the software
trough the lisp repl:

$ cd /path/to/sources
$ sbcl --load system.asd
* (require :rulp)
* (asdf:make :rulp)

Use CTRL+D to exit console.
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