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22,322,504 字节


Market leading de-facto cross-platform standard RTOS for microcontrollers, supporting 32 different microcontroller cores and 14 different development tool chains.

FreeRTOS is professionally developed, strictly quality controlled, robust, supported, and free to use even in commercial applications, with no requirement to expose propitiatory source code.

Demo pre-configured applications that work "out of the box" are provided for every officially supported port.

Training resources include RTOS tutorial books, and instructor led classes (both online and onsite).

Supported cores include: Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4, Cortex-M0, PIC32/MIPS M4K, Renesas RX600/RX200, Microblaze, Nios II, TriCore, 16FX, AVR, PIC24, dsPIC, ColdFire V2, ColdFire V1, ARM7, ARM9, x86 (real mode), MSP430, MSP430X, HCS12, SH2A, 78K0R, AVR32, RL78, V850, PPC405, PPC440, H8/S, etc.