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The project SystemFugen is provided as two groups, MGCL and fugen. MGCL is a 3D surface modeler that utilizes NURBS free form surfaces and curves. MGCL can be used as a DLL library. As a modeler, MGCL supports shell modeling that connect trimmed surfaces, and enables a watertight tessellation of shell model. For its rendering, it supports the interfaces to OpenGL4. It provides fundamental mathematical function classes such as vector, matrix, or others. On the other hand, Fugen is a 3D surface modeling system that uses Windows MFC framework as its Man-Machine interface. We use IGES file format to exchange models. We look for some engineering company who use Fugen, and CAD developpers who and work for Fugen.


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发布: 2019-11-05 17:27
fugen V1.2.3 fugen V2 (1 files 隐藏)


fugen V2 is to conform to MGCL V11, and fixes many bugs of V1. I list up some advantages of fugen : 1) Intersection of two surfaces(faces) 2) tessellation 3) Surface build that are smmothly connected to neighbor faces. 4) Smoothing of curves(tangency keeping smoothing)

fugen V2は今までリリースされていたfugenの各種バグを吸収し、MGCL V11に対応するためのものです。 fugenの他の3次元CADと比較し優位なところを、少し挙げてみます: (1)面と面との交線計算 (2)面のテセレーション(3角形近似) (3)面の生成ツール    2から4面で囲まれる穴状態のところを滑らかに接続する面生成など (4)線の平滑化ツール:滑らかな接続条件の下での平滑化


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