How to install TimewaveSynth

Set up Instructions:

1. For Mac and Windows, install the SuperCollider IDE found in the "Mac and Windows Install" folder. For Linux (and Mac and Windows as well), you can download and install the latest version of the SuperCollider IDE from the following web address - If you want or need to build it from the source code you can find it here (with instructions and an installer script that pretty much does all the work for you (at least for the latest release 3.8)) -

2. Once Supercollider and its IDE are installed, within the Supercollider IDE, open the 3-stringed synthesizer ("timewavesynth3.scd"), 8-stringed synthesizer ("timewavesynth8.scd"), or 12-stringed synthesizer ("timewavesynth12.scd"), and program/make songs using the "timewavesynth3script.scd", "timewavesynth8script.scd", or "timewavesynth12script.scd" file.