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Font meta-family, multiple styles, for Japanese, English, and Korean, made with Metafont. Full coverage of hiragana, katakana, hangul, and Latin. Partial coverage of grade-school kanji. Also includes IDSgrep, a tool for querying kanji databases...


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发布: 2015-12-11 21:18
(F) FontAnvil 0.4 (1 files 隐藏)


This is more or less an interim release, intended to capture the latest bug fixes and enhancements from the version control version for users who are not easily able to build in that context. With that in mind, the build system has been somewhat bulletproofed. There have been many changes behind the scenes in the few months since last release too, including much-increased use of code generators (Icemap and Flex) to replace some of the old handcrufted unmaintainable code from FontForge. More dead code has been removed, and documentation although still scant is expanded a bit.


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