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Date:     2009-04-16 12:51:23 +0900 (Thu, 16 Apr 2009)

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ドキュメント更新 (要望集)

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Modified: trunk/doc/en/html/about/requests.html
--- trunk/doc/en/html/about/requests.html	2009-04-15 14:28:55 UTC (rev 3319)
+++ trunk/doc/en/html/about/requests.html	2009-04-16 03:51:23 UTC (rev 3320)
@@ -13,11 +13,67 @@
 Please read this page carefully before you contact the author. <br>
-This page summarizes requests frequently asked by users. Please do not ask the author about these things and the schedule for them.
+This page summarizes requests frequently asked by users. Please do not ask the author about these things and the schedule for them.<br>
+Requests not listed here may have already been supported. Please read this help, <a href="../macro/index.html">MACRO help</a>, README.TXT, <a href="../reference/keycode.txt">KEYCODE.TXT</a> and Tera Term home page carefully.
+<h2>Items which may be supported in future</h2>
+  <li>Blinking and double height/width characters of VT100.</li>
+  <li>Faint, italic rapid blinking, invisible and strike out characters of ECMA-48 terminal.</li>
+  <li>VT3XX line drawing between characters (lines).</li>
+  <li>Selected erase of VT220.</li>
+  <li>Tool bar and status bar.</li>
+  <li>Dialer.</li>
+  <li>GUI tool to configure the keyboard.</li>
+  <li>Customizing menus and dialog boxes.</li>
+  <li>Word search.</li>
+  <li>Screen buffer and scroll bar for TEK window.</li>
+  <li>Improving resolution of TEK window printing.</li>
+  <li>In file transfers, <del cite="#cite1">displaying a progress bar</del><a href="#cite1" name="ref1"><sup>[1]</sup></a>, time to finish and the transfer speed.</li>
+  <li>ZMODEM recovery function.</li>
+  <li>YMODEM</li>
+  <li>Chinese <del cite="#cite2">and Korean</del><a href="#cite2" name="ref2"><sup>[2]</sup></a> character code sets.</li>
+  <li>[File] Print setup command</li>
+  <li>Saving selected text or text in the scroll buffer to a file.<a href="#cite3" name="ref3"><sup>[3]</sup></a></li>
+  <li>Selecting the text/background color by using color pallets.</li>
+  <li>Switching to a small font when the screen mode is switched to the 132-column mode.</li>
+  <li>Displaying Chinise/Japanese/Korean characters in non-Chinise/Japanese/Korean Windows.</li>
+  <li>Alternate Screen Buffer</li>
+  <li>DEC Locator mode</li>
+  <!-- li>“à•”ˆ—‚ÌUnicode‰»</li -->
+<h2>Items which may be supported in future (MACRO related items)</h2>
+  <li>Array variables.</li>
+  <li>Supporting the redirection by the "exec" command.</li>
+  <li>Waiting for binary data by the "wait" command.</li>
+  <li>Connect to Tera Term that is already running.</li>
+<h2>Items which may be supported in very very far future</h2>
+  <li>TEK41XX and 42XX emulations</li>
+  <li>Televideo and Wyse emulations</li>
+  <li>TN3270</li>
+  <li>Sharing a serial port with other applications at the same time.</li>
+  <li>Line input mode and a window for line input.</li>
+  <li>Improving the speed of Kermit transfer.</li>
+  <li>Proportional fonts.</li>
+  <li>ANSI/AVATAR</li>
+  <li>REGIS</li>
+  <li>Sixel</li>
+  <li>Direct communication I/O from MACRO.</li>
+  <!-- li>xterm, DEC Locator modeˆÈŠO‚̃}ƒEƒXƒvƒƒgƒRƒ‹(NetTerm“™)</li -->
+<h3 class="cite">Note</h3>
+<ol class="cite">
+  <li id="cite1"><a href="#ref1">^</a> Displaying a progress bar is supported since <a href="history.html#teraterm_4.60">ver. 4.60</a>.</li>
+  <li id="cite2"><a href="#ref2">^</a> Korean character set(KS5601) is supported since <a href="history.html#teraterm_4.60">ver. 4.60</a>.</li>
+  <li id="cite3"><a href="#ref3">^</a> see screencapture.ttl.</li>

Modified: trunk/doc/ja/html/about/requests.html
--- trunk/doc/ja/html/about/requests.html	2009-04-15 14:28:55 UTC (rev 3319)
+++ trunk/doc/ja/html/about/requests.html	2009-04-16 03:51:23 UTC (rev 3320)
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
 ‚±‚±‚ł̓†[ƒU[‚Ì•ûX‚©‚ç‚æ‚­‚悹‚ç‚ê‚é—v–]‚ð‚Ü‚Æ‚ß‚Ü‚·B‚±‚±‚ɏ‘‚¢‚Ä‚ ‚邱‚Æ‚ðìŽÒ‚É—v–]‚âÃ‘£‚ð‚µ‚È‚¢‚Å‚­‚¾‚³‚¢B<br>
-‚±‚±‚ɏ‘‚¢‚Ä‚È‚¢‚±‚Æ‚Í‚·‚łɑΉž‚³‚ê‚Ä‚¢‚éê‡‚ª‚ ‚è‚Ü‚·‚̂ŁA‚±‚̃wƒ‹ƒvA<A HREF="../macro/index.html">MACRO ƒwƒ‹ƒv</A>AREADMEJ.TXTA<a href="../reference/keycode.txt">KEYCODE.TXT</a>ATera Term home page ‚ð‚æ‚­“Ç‚ñ‚Å‚­‚¾‚³‚¢B
+‚±‚±‚ɏ‘‚¢‚Ä‚È‚¢‚±‚Æ‚Í‚·‚łɑΉž‚³‚ê‚Ä‚¢‚éê‡‚ª‚ ‚è‚Ü‚·‚̂ŁA‚±‚̃wƒ‹ƒvA<a href="../macro/index.html">MACRO ƒwƒ‹ƒv</a>AREADMEJ.TXTA<a href="../reference/keycode.txt">KEYCODE.TXT</a>ATera Term home page ‚ð‚æ‚­“Ç‚ñ‚Å‚­‚¾‚³‚¢B
@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@
   <li>ƒtƒ@ƒCƒ‹“]‘—Žž‚Ì“]‘—‘¬“xAŽc‚莞ŠÔA<del cite="#cite1">–_ƒOƒ‰ƒt•\Ž¦</del><a href="#cite1" name="ref1"><sup>[1]</sup></a></li>
   <li>ZMODEM ‚Ì“]‘—ÄŠJ‹@”\</li>
-  <li>Chinese <del cite="#cite1">&amp; Korean</del><a href="#cite2" name="ref2"><sup>[2]</sup></a>•¶ŽšƒR[ƒh</li>
+  <li>Chinese <del cite="#cite2">&amp; Korean</del><a href="#cite2" name="ref2"><sup>[2]</sup></a>•¶ŽšƒR[ƒh</li>
   <li>[File] Print setup ƒRƒ}ƒ“ƒh</li>
   <li>ƒXƒNƒ[ƒ‹ƒoƒbƒtƒ@‚Ì“à—eA‘I‘ð‚³‚ê‚½•¶Žš‚ðƒtƒ@ƒCƒ‹‚É•Û‘¶<a href="#cite3" name="ref3"><sup>[3]</sup></a></li>

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