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2014年 7月 12日 (土) 21:15:44 JST

Revision: 5639
Author:   yutakapon
Date:     2014-07-12 21:15:43 +0900 (Sat, 12 Jul 2014)
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Modified: trunk/doc/en/html/usage/tips/vim.html
--- trunk/doc/en/html/usage/tips/vim.html	2014-07-10 16:22:01 UTC (rev 5638)
+++ trunk/doc/en/html/usage/tips/vim.html	2014-07-12 12:15:43 UTC (rev 5639)
@@ -240,12 +240,37 @@
+<h1>Vim Configuration</h1>
 <h2><a name="background">Background color</a></h2>
+The vim editor can automatically recognize the terminal color number, namely the 256 color
+supporting because the Tera Term 4.83 or later supports the Termcap String Query of xterm. 
+So, a user must properly configure the background setting to draw the highlight color 
+regarding the vim background color. <br>
+When the background color is the dark color(i.e, black), specify the dark setting. Also,
+when the background color is the bright color(i.e, white), specify the light setting. 
+<pre class="macro-example">
+set background=dark
+With above setting, the vim can know the terminal background color. So, if the 
+configuration is mistaken, the highlight color will be indistinct because 
+the text and the background color is almost same. <br>
+If the vim automatic recognition of color is stopped, add the set t_RV= entry 
+in the .vimrc file. However, the automatic recognition of mouse type is stopped.
+Also, refer to the :help 'background' on the vim editor for details.

Modified: trunk/doc/ja/html/usage/tips/vim.html
--- trunk/doc/ja/html/usage/tips/vim.html	2014-07-10 16:22:01 UTC (rev 5638)
+++ trunk/doc/ja/html/usage/tips/vim.html	2014-07-12 12:15:43 UTC (rev 5639)
@@ -243,7 +243,7 @@
 <h2><a name="background">\x94w\x8Ci\x90F</a></h2>
-Tera Term 4.83\x82\xA9\x82\xE7xterm\x82\xCCTermcap String Query\x82ɑΉ\x9E\x82\xB5\x82\xBD\x82\xB1\x82Ƃɂ\xE6\x82\xE8\x81Avim\x82͋N\x93\xAE\x8E\x9E\x81A\x92[\x96\x96\x82̐F\x90\x94\x82\xF0
+Tera Term 4.83\x82\xA9\x82\xE7xterm\x82\xCCTermcap String Query\x82ɑΉ\x9E\x82\xB5\x82\xBD\x82\xB1\x82Ƃɂ\xE6\x82\xE8\x81Avim\x82͋N\x93\xAE\x8E\x9E\x81A\x92[\x96\x96\x82̐F\x90\x94\x81A\x82\xB7\x82Ȃ킿
 \x95`\x89悷\x82邽\x82߂ɁA\x93K\x90؂\xC9 background \x82̐ݒ\xE8\x82\xF0\x8Ds\x82\xA4\x95K\x97v\x90\xAB\x82\xAA\x82\xA0\x82\xE8\x82܂\xB7\x81B<br>

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