[Ttssh2-commit] [8376] 変更履歴を英訳

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2019年 11月 19日 (火) 23:35:48 JST

Revision: 8376
Author:   zmatsuo
Date:     2019-11-19 23:35:48 +0900 (Tue, 19 Nov 2019)
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Modified: trunk/doc/en/html/about/history.html
--- trunk/doc/en/html/about/history.html	2019-11-18 16:49:23 UTC (rev 8375)
+++ trunk/doc/en/html/about/history.html	2019-11-19 14:35:48 UTC (rev 8376)
@@ -73,8 +73,8 @@
       <li>The help button on the printer dialog can not be shown from Windows 2000 to 10(except Windows95).</li>
       <li>Don't close MACRO window when ESC key is pressed. This bug was introduced in 4.103.</li>
       <li>Tera Term is not terminate when TEK window is closed. This bug was introduced in 4.103.</li>
-      <!--li>\x83\x81\x83j\x83\x85\x81[\x83o\x81[\x94\xF1\x95\\x8E\xA6\x8E\x9E\x81ADPI\x82\xAA\x95ω\xBB\x82\xB5\x82\xBD\x82Ƃ\xAB\x83E\x83B\x83\x93\x83h\x83E\x83T\x83C\x83Y\x82𐳂\xB5\x82\xAD\x92\xB2\x90\xAE\x82\xB7\x82\xE9\x82悤\x8FC\x90\xB3</li-->
-      <!--li>Windows 8.1\x82ŁADPI\x82\xAA\x95ω\xBB\x82\xB5\x82\xBD\x82Ƃ\xAB Tera Term \x82\xAA\x8B\xAD\x90\xA7\x8FI\x97\xB9\x82\xB5\x82Ȃ\xA2\x82悤\x82ɂ\xB5\x82\xBD\x81B</li-->
+      <li>When the menu bar is hidden, the window size is adjusted correctly when the DPI changes.</li>
+      <li>Fix Tera Term terminate when DPI changes in Windows 8.1</li>
       <li>MACRO: The button of yesnobox selected with left / right arrow key is reversed.</li>

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