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ID开放日期最后更新概述属主报告人类型里程碑组件优先严重性状态处理结果Total vote countPositive vote countNegative vote countVote scorePositive vote rationNegative vote ration
399422020-01-21 23:172020-02-04 17:06Invalid Host error when running .ttl macroandyreifmanSupport Request65 - Medium开启00000.0%0.0%
394482019-08-02 16:332019-08-02 16:33Disable highlight when Select AlljhtanSupport Request66开启00000.0%0.0%
380382018-03-13 11:322018-03-27 21:14Windows2016で「リモートデスクトップセッションホスト」をインストールすると、SSHの名前解決ができない ozakiaSupport RequestTera Term65 - Medium开启00000.0%0.0%