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CrystalDiskInfo is a HDD/SSD utility software which supports S.M.A.R.T and a part of USB-HDD.

  • Important Notice

Both CrystalDiskInfo and CrystalDiskMark are open source software personally developed by me. Any software development demands huge amount of time and effort, and on top of that, new hardware devices are released one after another which becomes a necessity to purchase in order to support them. Therefore, this project needs more development funds. As to current status, this project is extremely short of funds and is in desperate need of your donations.

If you want to contribute to supporting the continuance of this project, please make donations by Paypal. Please make the amount of each contribution $10 USD or more (in JPYen, 1000Yen or more) if possible. Your contributions will be deeply appreciated.

发展现状: 5 - Production/Stable
目标用户: End Users/Desktop
自然语言: English, Japanese
编程语言: C++
专题: Hardware
用户界面: Win32 (MS Windows)
活动百分: 3,171
Activity Ranking: 3Ranking
Register Date: 2009-05-30 23:22
最后更新: 2018-01-20 19:18


VoodooHDAは、Intel HDオーディオ仕様に準拠したデバイス用のオープンソースのオーディオドライバです。オーディオコントローラとコーデックの広い範囲をサポートするMac OS XのAppleHDA互換です。

最后更新: 2018-07-04 07:02

Linux Wacom Tablet Project

このプロジェクトは、Linuxで動作するWacomタブレットのためのライブラリ、構成、診断ツールを管理しています。また、LinuxカーネルドライバとXFree86 XInputドライバの更新をメンテナンスしています。

最后更新: 2018-05-11 21:41


GpartedはGNOMEで動作するパーティション操作ツールです。ライブLinuxのGparted Liveを使えば、CDから起動してWindows PCのパーティションを操作することもできます。Gpartedはデバイスの検出と操作、パーティションテーブルの編集にlibpartedを利用していますが、libpartedが未対応のファイルシステムをサポートするためにいくつかのツールをオプションで利用しています。



Register Date: 2009-04-27 18:23
最后更新: 2014-06-05 14:36


OpenNMS is the first enterprise-grade network management platform developed using the open source model. The three main functional areas of OpenNMS are service polling, which monitors services on the network and reports on their "service level"; data collection from the remote systems via SNMP in order to measure the performance of the network; and a system for event management and notifications.

最后更新: 2010-02-05 08:45


Synaptics TouchPad driver for XOrg/XFree86のGNOME用設定ツールを開発するプロジェクトです

发展现状: 3 - Alpha
目标用户: End Users/Desktop
作业系统: Linux
编程语言: C
专题: Hardware
用户界面: Gnome
Register Date: 2005-05-24 11:41
最后更新: 2015-06-13 17:45


オープン ソース SMC デバイス ドライバー/エミュレーター (FakeSMC) でハードウェアがモニターのプラグイン netkas ( によって。重要: 本物の mac のドライバーをインストールしないでください !これも動作可能性がありますが、ご自身の責任で行っています。他の側に が Mac と完全に互換性 SMC によって提供されるハードウェア センサーのモニターを使用することもできます。すべてのリポジトリ: Sourceforge、源 & ダウンロード:!BitBucket、源 & ダウンロード: Assembla、ソース: ソース !GitHub: HWSensors プロジェクト (c) 2013 netkas、スライス、usr sse2、kozlek、ナビ、王、!RehabMan と他の人。すべての権利予約します。

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最后更新: 2010-11-27 13:56

Novint Falcon Open Source Library

オープン ソース クロスプラット フォーム ドライバー、!NovInt ファルコン度ハプティック コント ローラーの関数ライブラリです。これらのドライバーは、Novint Technologies, Inc. によって生成されていません、正確性または使用に関して一切の保証が付属していません。

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最后更新: 2014-06-11 10:39

Gnome Partition Editor

Gnome Partition Editor is a graphical frontend to libparted. It supports creating, resizing, moving, and copying of partitions.

最后更新: 2013-07-09 13:52

ALSA driver

The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture is composed of several parts. The first is a fully modularized sound driver which supports module autoloading, devfs, isapnp autoconfiguration, and gives complete access to analog audio, digital audio, control, mixer, synthesizer, DSP, MIDI, and timer components of audio hardware. It also includes a fully-featured kernel-level sequencer, a full compatibility layer for OSS/Free applications, an object-oriented C library which covers and enhances the ALSA kernel driver functionality for applications (client/server, plugins, PCM sharing/multiplexing, PCM metering, etc.), an interactive configuration program for the driver, and some simple utilities for basic management.

最后更新: 2009-12-16 00:31

XXSvideo Linux System

富士通/mycable XXSvideo 誌のための簡単な [/projects/freshmeat_linux/ Linux] ビルドスクリプトとパッチ ビルド ツール チェイン (glibc 2.7 [/projects/freshmeat_gcc/ gcc] 4.3)、カーネル (2.6.27) および rootfilesystem (busybox)。

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最后更新: 2010-02-02 11:26


Asterisk is a hybrid TDM and packet voice PBX (Private Branch eXchange) and IVR platform with ACD functionality. It acts as middleware between the Internet (IAX, SIP, MGCP, Skinny, H.323), telephony channels (like Zaptel, T1, PRI, E1, FXO, FXS, VoIP, VoFR, ISDN, modems, Internet Phone Jack, etc.), and applications (like voice-mail, conferencing, directories, MP3 players, intercoms, etc.). It has many advanced features such as a codec translation API. The base distribution includes several channel backends, as well as applications. However, the beauty of Asterisk is its ability to be extended using its APIs, dynamic module loader, and AGI scripting interface. End users can even write their own applications that run on the system in C or any scripting language of their choice.

最后更新: 2014-01-24 20:54


lm_sensors provides essential tools for monitoring the temperatures, voltages, and fans of Linux systems with hardware monitoring devices. It contains a library for sensors access (libsensors), a command-line tool for sensor reporting (sensors), and a daemon (sensord). It also contains scripts for sensor hardware identification and fan speed control.

最后更新: 2014-05-21 03:16


Gutenprint (formerly Gimp-Print) is a collection of printer drivers for Unix/Linux that currently supports over 1400 printers. It emphasizes quality and flexibility, offering a wide variety of options to meet most printing needs. It includes a CUPS driver, an IJS-based Ghostscript driver, Foomatic data, an enhanced Print plugin for The GIMP, and other printer maintenance utilities. It can be used equally well for fast printing of text or critical printing of high quality graphics and photographs.

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最后更新: 2012-11-18 21:07


hdparm is a Linux shell utility for viewing and manipulating various IDE drive and driver parameters. Most drives can benefit from improved performance using a command similar to "hdparm -qm8 -qu1 -qc1 -qd1 /dev/hda".