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TTA-based Co-design Environment

TTA-based Co-design Environment (TCE) is a toolset that provides a complete co-design flow from C programs down to synthesizable VHDL and parallel program binaries. Processor customization points include the register files, function units, supported operations, and the interconnection network.

最后更新: 2003-06-29 20:35

CueCat driver for Linux

Linux device driver for CueCat barcode readers that supports multiple PS/2 CueCats on either the keyboard port, mouse port (without disabling the mouse) or USB port through a PS/2 -> USB adapter, or native USB CueCats. A standalone application that doesn't require the driver and also reads barcodes from a CueCat connected to a serial port through a homemade PS/2 -> serial converter is included as well. The driver separates CueCat barcode scancodes from normal keyboard or mouse scancodes, decode the barcodes, performs error-checking on them and send them in clear text through a normal character device file. NOTE : the company that created the CueCat has disappeared. CueCat readers are no longer produced or distributed.

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最后更新: 2003-09-09 01:41


Card Services for Linux is a complete PCMCIA or PC Card support package. It includes a set of loadable kernel modules that implement a version of the Card Services applications program interface, a set of client drivers for specific cards, and a card manager daemon that can respond to card insertion and removal events, loading and unloading drivers on demand. It supports hot swapping of most card types, so cards can be safely inserted and ejected at any time.

最后更新: 2007-06-30 14:08

ACPI Event Daemon

ACPID is a completely flexible and expandable mechanism for delivering ACPI
events from the kernel to user-space. It can be configured to perform any
action at all when events occur, through regex matches and arbitrary action

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最后更新: 2009-06-17 11:31


scsiadd lets you insert or remove SCSI devices from the Linux SCSI subsytem on the fly. This is especially useful for external devices like scanners or tapes, which can be powered on after system boot. Devices can be added or removed at any time.

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最后更新: 2009-12-16 00:31

XXSvideo Linux System

富士通/mycable XXSvideo 誌のための簡単な Linux ビルドスクリプトとパッチ ビルド ツール チェイン (glibc 2.7 gcc 4.3)、カーネル (2.6.27) および rootfilesystem (busybox)。

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最后更新: 2003-07-10 07:38


Powertweak-Linux is a tool to tune your system to its optimal performance settings. It started life as the replacement for the now obsolete kernel option 'tune PCI bridges', and has been extended to provide more features and support more chipsets. It can also tune network/filesystem performance using /proc/sys entries, disk elevator settings, and x86 CPU registers (needs 2.2.18 or 2.4.0test kernel), CDROM speeds, hdparm type features, and Sony VAIO backlight. It has both a GTK GUI and a text-based lister.

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最后更新: 2001-02-17 01:10

Modelica Standard Library

Modelica 標準ライブラリは、モデリング言語 Modelica のためのモデルのオープン ソースのライブラリです。モデラーの間のコラボレーションは、さまざまなエンジニア リング ドメインからオープン タイプ、コネクタとモデルの定義を持っていることによって促進されます。

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最后更新: 2009-08-18 00:18


Python::OpenCL is an easy-to-use Python wrapper around the OpenCL library, a standard for parallel programming on heterogenous devices including CPUs, GPUs, and others processors.

最后更新: 2013-10-17 13:36


Einarc is a unified storage RAID command line
interface and an API that provides management for
various hardware/software RAID devices, uniting
them all in a single paradigm. Einarc works as a
translator that makes it possible for a user to
control all these devices using simple terms like
"physical disc", "logical disc", "adapter", etc.,
while transparently converting these requests to
proprietary RAID paradigms.

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最后更新: 2012-11-30 22:08


Likwid is a set of easy to use command line tools for Linux. It supports programmers in developing high performance multi-threaded programs. "Likwid" stands for "Like I knew what I am doing". It contains the following tools: likwid-topology, which shows thread and cache topology; likwid-perfctr, which measures hardware performance counters on Intel and AMD processors; likwid-features, which shows and toggles hardware prefetch control bits on Intel Core 2 processors; likwid-pin, which pins a threaded application without touching its code (it supports pthreads, Intel OpenMP, and gcc OpenMP), likwid-powermeter which prints the Turbo mode steps and measures energy consumption on supported Intel processors, and likwid-bench, a low level benchmarking framework. It works with any standard Linux kernel. Likwid is lightweight and adds no overhead during measurements.

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最后更新: 2012-06-25 21:46


StressItOut is a hardware stressing and testing program for GNU/Linux. Its main purpose is to strain the computer to ensure the hardware is in good state. There are several test modules: CPU load, memory test, 2D OpenGL painting, 3D OpenGL rendering, hard drives, optical drives, serial ports transmission, and parallel ports. Support for lm-sensors is in the works. This software, when ready for release, will mainly be aimed at the QA departments of hardware manufacturing companies, who need to ensure their newly produced machines perform correctly under heavy workloads, and that all their components work as expected.

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最后更新: 2008-07-19 23:41


keyTouch makes it possible to easily configure the
extra function keys of a keyboard (like multimedia
keys). It allows the user to define which program
will be executed when a key is pressed.

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最后更新: 2006-12-15 01:55

Linux Inventory Aggregator

Linux Inventory Aggregator is designed to be a
simple, self-contained (as much as possible)
script for gathering hardware information.

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最后更新: 2014-05-07 22:28


sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw is firmware for Cypress FX2 USB chips which makes them usable as simple logic analyzer hardware.

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