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OpenEMM e-mail & marketing automation



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ADbNewsSender インストールして php ベースのニュースレターのスクリプトを使用するは簡単です。複数のニュースレターを管理するために使用することができます。それは二重を使用してオプトインし、MariaDB/MySQL と PostgreSQL をサポートします。あなたのウェブサイトの訪問者に web アーカイブを表示することもできます。

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Dada Mail - (old)

このプロジェクトのための Sourceforge のページはもう使用されていません。トラッカーとコード レポでバグを見つける: のおかげで !

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Mailman Module for Webmin

これは、プロジェクト管理、Webmin の管理ツールの郵便配達員モジュール。ネットワーク管理者は、Webmin のインターフェイスを通じてそのメーリング リストを簡単に制御できます。

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sesoma is a daemon that allows you to build a virtual user infrastructure using sendmail and PostgreSQL/MySQL, without patching sendmail, by using socket map. You can control from the database all your virtual domains, aliases, mailertable, and access.

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pop3ml is a program to manage mailing lists and newsletters without a local SMTP server. It requires only a simple POP3 email account. It's highly configurable by users. You can subscribe or unsubscribe simply with email messages. There is optional subscription and unsubscription confirmation, subscription moderation, message moderation, digest message mode, parent/children list management, mail scheduling to postpone or repeat a message, a mail filter (with a procmail-like syntax), a message queue for unsent messages, message size check, a command to retrieve messages, bounce detection, message header management, black/white/allow/deny lists, and other functions. There is also a program to test list settings without sending any messages and another program to view and search through stored messages. You can configure it with programs like phpMyAdmin.

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PHPEmaillist is a Web-based one-way
announcement system that allows you to send
emails to your subscribers. Visitors to your Web
site can easily subscribe and unsubscribe to
multiple lists. Each email can be personalized
with the recipients name, logs of all emails are
kept, and large lists can be processed.

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Listserv is software for managing mailing lists: creating lists, distributing emails over the list, adding new subscribers, and adjusting settings. It can be operated via a Web interface, by sending email commands, or via TCP. liblistserv is the glue between listserv and your C program for manipulating or querying a mailing list. By calling the provided functions, your program does not need to parse the results. Liblistserv is a reentrant library, written in C, meant for communication over TCP with a running Listserv instance.

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Bounceweb is a Perl-based solution for approving
bounced Majordomo messages through a Web
interface. It also comes with a CLI-based admin

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ezmlm-browse is a Web interface for browsing
ezmlm-idx (version 0.40 or later) archives. The
presentation is modeled from that of the ezmlm-cgi
archive browser that is part of ezmlm-idx, but
with several additions. However, the output is
completely template-driven, so you can make it fit
into your current Web scheme.

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最后更新: 2006-06-11 04:27


ezmlm-www provides a Web interface to ezmlm mailing list archives. It is MIME compliant (with HTML rendering, attachment handling, inline images), multilingual (English, Spanish, Italian, German, Brasilian Portuguese, French, and Norwegian), and customizable using a stylesheet. It also supports vpopmail, message coloring, RSS feeds, and a full-text search engine.

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Mail::Toaster is an installer for a collection of software
which provides a full-featured mail server. The system is
built around the qmail mail transport
agent, with many additions and modifications.

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