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最后更新: 2003-05-27 05:10


Install-Sendmail will configure Sendmail and Fetchmail on your machine. This Perl script can be used to setup a mail server for a simple network or it can configure email on a dial up machine. All you need to know is your email address, login name and password and optionally, the IP addresses of your network.

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最后更新: 2008-07-03 13:55

AfterLogic XMail Server

AfterLogic XMail Server is an email server. It supports ESMTP, TLS/SSL secure connections, SMTP authentication, account and domain aliasing, anti-spam features (IP-based and email address based), mailing lists, logging, remote administration, the Finger protocol, filters, and custom mail processing. AfterLogic XMail Server is based on the XMail server, but features simultaneous multi-user access to a POP3 mailbox, the ability to configure port numbers via a configuration file, a Windows installer, and a Web administration tool with an AJAX interface.

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最后更新: 2001-01-30 06:13


InfinyMail is an On-Demand Mail Relay (ODMR) implementation based on RFC2645. ODMR clients on dial-up hosts can request mail to be delivered from ODMR server on the mail server. It supports only sendmail queues.

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最后更新: 2001-01-30 06:12


EmailScan scans incoming multipart email for bad file types, filenames, and virii using procmail. It currently uses uvscan from Network Associates for virus scanning.

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最后更新: 2003-10-16 07:21

pop-before-smtp in C

pop-before-smtp in C is a daemon for use with
Postfix which allows users to authenticate using
POP3 so that they can send email by SMTP. It
currently works with many POP3 daemons.

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最后更新: 2003-05-01 16:07


Spammilt is a sendmail-milter which scans email
headers for blacklisted relaying servers and
locally predefined blacklisted domains/words. By
default, when spammilt detects spam, it adds a
warning to the header and the subject. It's also
possible to reject such emails without bothering
the recipient.

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最后更新: 2012-05-21 20:33


DKIM-Verify is a software application that can provide DKIM verification for non-DKIM-aware MDAs. Using DKIM-Verify, which functions as a "wrapper" for the MDA, mail originating from and destined for the local domain can be verified. In addition, DKIM-Verify can integrate with mailing list software to provide verification of messages received for later distribution.

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最后更新: 2002-08-27 03:36

Mobile POP Relay Control

Designed as a Perl framework to support many different types of POP and email servers, Mobile POP Relay is useful for mobile users. Once a user successfully authenticates against a POP server, relaying is allowed through the server for a specified time period. It supports Ipop3d, Qpopper, and Vpopd with Sendmail or Exim.

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最后更新: 2005-10-27 10:37


Dkfilter is a DomainKeys implementation for the
Postfix mail transfer agent. It is implemented as
two filters (or SMTP proxies). There is an
"outbound" filter for adding DomainKeys signatures
to outgoing email and an "inbound" filter for
verifying signatures of incoming email. The
filters can be plugged into Postfix as either
Before-Queue or After-Queue Postfix content
filters. For more information about DomainKeys,

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最后更新: 2001-12-31 11:53


valiases mimics the sendmail behavior of evaluating aliases for mail sent to
one or more virtual mail addresses. It checks whether any of the (visibly)
addressed mail accounts of an email message matches one of the configured
aliases, and resends mail to the alias replacement. If you don't have access to
/etc/aliases but you need it, this program is for you.

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最后更新: 2006-03-28 03:00


ldapvacation is an LDAP-enabled version of the
vacation program that sends an "I am not here"
indication upon receipt of email.

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最后更新: 2005-10-29 12:47 is a very minimal "ascetic" SMTP relay-only mail transport agent. It's intended to be used in conjunction with the mutt mail client to provide SMTP mail transport services. It accepts a mail stream on standard input with recipients specified on the command-line, and forwards the message to a given mailhub. SMTP authentication and SSL transport layer security is supported for recent enough Python libraries.

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最后更新: 2002-10-31 09:40


WBL is a really simple tool that can be used in a
.qmail file for managing a white/black list of
email addresses. It serves as a pre-filter to
allow known-good friends and associates bypass the
usual gauntlet of filters. Note that WBL is not
intended to be a spam filter, it is simply an
easy-to-use whitelist/blacklist management tool
that serves to keep email that you really want to
see out of your normal filters.

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