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Oolite is an independent reinterpretation and ehancement of the classic space sim game Elite for modern computers. The result is a space trading and combat simulation offering encounters with pirates, police, bounty hunters, the occasional alien menace, and other surprises along the way. While striving to reach the coveted Elite status, the players set their own path through the various galaxies, choosing to be trader, pirate, or bounty hunter depending on the situation at hand, and their own judgement. The game is hugely expandable, using a combination of property lists and JavaScript. Oolite's active modding community already provides more than 200 OXPs (Oolite eXpansion Packs). Among them are a huge variety of missions, weapons, ships, and extra career paths over and above what's available within the core game, as well as a number of other gameplay enhancements and customizations.

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Fermisurfer can display Fermi surfaces colored as a function of arbitraly quantities such as the orbital character.

发展现状: 4 - Beta
自然语言: English, Japanese
作业系统: MacOSX, Linux, Windows
编程语言: C++
用户界面: OpenGL, wxWidgets
活动百分: 326
Activity Ranking: 43Ranking
Register Date: 2014-11-11 15:16
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新しい 32 ビット Atari コンピューターのクローンです。あなたのお気に入りのオペレーティング システム上で実行される仮想マシンです。今まで作られより良いグラフィックより多くのメモリよりも互換性のある任意のアタリ マシンします。ARAnyM です。

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最后更新: 2012-01-05 00:47


Asteroids3D is an OpenGL-based first-person game of blowing up asteroids. Its simple code base also provides a way to learn OpenGL with the help of external tutorials like those from NeHe.

最后更新: 2010-10-19 22:09

Mesh Viewer

The Mesh Viewer is an easy-to-use, lightweight application for displaying three dimensional models (triangular meshes) from a variety of file formats. It uses OpenGL to render the models. Triangular meshes can be displayed texture mapped (with optional bilinear filtering), solid, or as a wire frame (all lines or just the front lines). Loaded models can be rotated, translated, and scaled (all done with the mouse). The model is lighted by multiple light sources. Viewpoints can be saved.

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最后更新: 2013-06-28 11:32


Equalizer is middleware for creating and deploying parallel OpenGL-based applications. It enables applications to benefit from multiple graphics cards, processors, and computers to scale rendering performance, visual quality, and display size. An Equalizer-based application runs unmodified on any visualization system, from a simple workstation to large scale graphics clusters, multi-GPU workstations, and Virtual Reality installations.

最后更新: 2017-07-11 03:53


Gabeditは、Gamess-US, Gaussian, Molcas, Molpro, MPQC, Mopac2007, Orca, PC Gamess, そして Q-Chemといった計算化学パッケージのためのグラフィカルユーザーインターフェイスです。

最后更新: 2017-05-22 06:44

Perl Data Language


最后更新: 2019-09-01 05:22

Warzone 2100

人類が核ミサイルでほとんど滅ぼされたあと、軍隊に世界を立て直しなさいと命じあなたは戦いを始めます。 ゲームは、キャンペーンモード、衝突モードがあり、マルチプレイヤーとシングルプレイヤーを選択できます。それと広範囲な技術を提供します。 このソースコードは にあります。

最后更新: 2010-09-27 17:52

Besiege: Defenders of Time and Space

このプロジェクトは基づく空間の構築リアルタイム戦略ゲームを作成する Ardor3D を使用します。あなたはあなたのための新しい攻撃船ビルドの惑星の制御のため戦います。それは Eufloria、Galcon の太陽帝国の罪のようなゲームに触発されます。

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GeomSpace is interactive geometry software for different geometric spaces. You can build your own universe of any dimension and with any geometry. You can choose Euclidean, elliptic, hyperbolic, or Minkowskii, among other spaces.

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最后更新: 2008-11-05 03:44

Frets on Fire


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Bino is a stereoscopic 3D video player with multi-display support. It supports many 2D and 3D video formats, a wide range of display devices, and distributed multi-display video presentation, e.g. for multi-projector setups.

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最后更新: 2008-01-20 01:39


GLDirect は、Windows 95/98/Me/2000年/XP OpenGL ベース ゲームおよびアプリケーションに 3D ハードウェア アクセラレーション グラフィック ハードウェアの製造元によって提供される Direct3D ドライバーを介してアクセスできるようにするためのユーティリティ パッケージです。

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