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Dr Geo

Dr. Geo is an interactive geometry program that is distributed as a universal portable application. It allows one to create a geometric sketch and manipulate it according to its constraints. It is usable at home or at school, in primary or secondary education. It is simple and effective with extended features including scripting and programming.

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三徳専用携帯電話フォレンジック、分析、およびセキュリティ、使いやすいオープン ソースのプラットフォームです。

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Ecere SDK

The Ecere SDK is a cross-platform toolkit for building software applications. It currently runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X (through X11), FreeBSD, and the Android OS. It should run on other Unix platforms with minor testing/tweaking. With the Ecere SDK, you can develop applications once and deploy them on all supported platforms alongside a lightweight runtime environment. It introduces eC, an object oriented language derived from and fully compatible with C, compromising neither runtime performance nor ease of use. A built-in 3D engine supporting both Direct3D and OpenGL is fully integrated.

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libnode is a C++ implementation of Node.js. Just like Node.js, libnode provides non-blocking I/O, which enables you to develop scalable Web applications in C++. The memory management of libnode is automatic, based on either shared_ptr or bdw-gc. libnode is good to use on embedded devices because its system resource consumption is lower than Node.js.

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FreeWRL VRML/X3D browser

FreeWRLは、オープンソースでクロスプラットフォームなVRML2およびX3D対応のブラウザであり、スクリプト、SAI、EAIをサポートしています。Linux, Mac OS/X, そしてその他のUNIXスタイルプラットフォームをサポートしています。

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QtWebSockets is a pure Qt implementation of WebSockets, both client and server. It is implemented as a Qt source code module (.pri file) that can easily be embedded into existing Qt projects. It has no dependencies other than Qt. It features text and binary sockets, frame-based and message-based signals, proxy support, and strict Unicode checking.

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Irrlicht Engine

Irrlicht Engineは、C++で書かれたオープンソースの高性能なリアルタイム3Dエンジンです。完全なクロスプラットフォームであり、D3D、OpenGL、および独自のソフトウェアレンダラを使用しています。

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GR FloorBoard

midi は、ローランドの GR 55 ギター シンセサイザーの内部設定のグラフィカルな表現と GR 55 のパラメーターを許可すると編集用ソフト。リアルタイム編集とパッチのデータのバックアップ、一括修正プログラム編集します。

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iBox は、人造人間は、すべての重要な情報を格納するための安全かつ確実な方法を与えるための強力な情報管理ツールです。クレジット カード番号、アカウント、パスワード、マーケティング プラン、製品アイデアや分それことができます。

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sigrok-cli is a portable, cross-platform, command-line frontend for sigrok. It supports logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, MSOs, multimeters, sound level meters, various dataloggers and more. It can also decode various protocols, such as SPI, I2C, USB, UART, and many others.

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MDIUtilities provides a set of utility classes that can be used for desktop application development. It contains a network preferences implementation, XML utility classes, geometry utility classes, additional Swing classes, and other miscellaneous classes.

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RC5リリース!(2012/04/22)。Samsung Galaxy S Plus (i9001),のためのカスタムROM、詳細はXDAページをチェック。

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DEMUX Framework

DEMUX Framework enables Java developers to build modular, cross-platform applications which can run on desktop, Web, and mobile and embedded devices. It is based on OSGI and supports creating JavaFX desktop applications, mobiles apps (Android, iOS, Windows), and Web applications.

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