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SDAPS is a collection of scripts that enables you to create
questionnaires that can be scanned and automatically analyzed. The
questionnaires can easily be created using or LaTeX, which gives a
lot of flexibility. SDAPS creates a machine-readable questionnaire from
the document. It also contains the required tools to analyze the data
and create a final report with all the results that can be printed.

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最后更新: 2010-03-30 03:19

GHCN Processor

GHCN Processor is a command-line tool that reads temperature data from the Global Historical Climatic Network (GHCN) database and produces an annual or monthly temperature series in CSV format for an arbitrary set of stations. Stations are filtered based on a simple EL expression passed to the tool. For example, you can select only stations that are in the Northern Hemisphere, in hilly and rural locations. You can also select stations that started reporting in a given year, and so on. The tool supports more than one method of grid partitioning, station combination, and can use both the adjusted data and raw unadjusted data.

最后更新: 2010-10-05 22:04


DEDiscover is a workflow-based differential equation modeling software tool for scientists, statisticians, and modelers. Whether you need to do quick simulation, develop sophisticated models, or teach mathematical concepts, DEDiscover combines a powerful computation engine with a user-friendly interface to give you a tool that's better, faster, and easier-to-use.

最后更新: 2013-09-01 18:00


LoadAVG is a simple and lightweight method of monitoring load, memory usage, and transfer throughput on a Linux server.

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最后更新: 2013-11-17 18:44

Random Front End

Random Front End is a Java front end that facilitates the use of batteries of statistical tests. Supported batteries are ENT Battery, DIEHARD Battery, and NIST Battery.

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最后更新: 2013-09-27 20:27


Libfbm is a C++ library for fast and accurate bulk-simulation of multi-dimensional (1D, 2D, 3D, .., 8D) Gaussian stationary processes, fractional Brownian motion, and fields with power-law power spectrum. It makes use of the circulant matrix embedding and FFT. Random number generation is provided by SFMT (SIMD-optimized Mersenne Twister) with a ziggurat based algorithm for normal distribution. For FFT functions, it depends on the FFTW library.

最后更新: 2010-03-22 08:26


JuMiCycling is a PHP/MySQL based cycling statistics repository.

最后更新: 2010-03-12 00:00

MAGRO: MCMC Another Gibbs Sampler

MAGROは、BUGS文法で記述された階層ベイズモデルのサンプリングを実行するソフトウェアです。 複雑なモデルを高速に実行することを目的として開発されています。 マルチコアCPU対応の逐次実行モードで、快適に試行錯誤することができます。 さらに、C言語コード生...

发展现状: 4 - Beta
自然语言: English, Japanese
作业系统: MacOSX, Linux, Windows
编程语言: C, Other
专题: 统计
用户界面: Command-line
Register Date: 2010-02-18 11:54
最后更新: 2012-03-15 21:21

Isoline Retrieval

Isoline Retrieval uses supervised statistical classification to retrieve isolines from cross-track scanning or similar satellites. It contains software to generate training data using collocation or radiative transfer simulations, as well as routines to interpolate the final fields using a variation of multi-linear interpolation or kernel estimation. The currently-supported satellites are the Advance Microwave Sounding Unit (AMSU) series and, to a lesser extent, the Global Ozone Measurement Experiment (GOME). An ambitious researcher, however, could easily adapt the codes to a similar satellite.

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最后更新: 2016-01-04 10:27


A pure C implementation of a library to obtain lasso, elastic net, smooth lasso, the L1 regularized linear regression and variable selection estimator based on coordinate descent algorithm.

最后更新: 2010-07-25 22:37



发展现状: 3 - Alpha
编程语言: C++, Java
Register Date: 2010-04-09 19:48
最后更新: 2012-05-20 12:28


並列版のSupport Vector Machine(SVM)の開発を進めます。主な使用言語はFortranで、OpenMPによって並列化しております。今後、機能を拡張して行ければいいな~と考えています。

发展现状: 4 - Beta
自然语言: Japanese
作业系统: Linux
编程语言: C, Fortran
用户界面: Command-line
Register Date: 2011-02-16 10:28


A new statistics project. Note that this project is now at the early stage of its research.

Try the following cui version release. tailstat -h will show the usage.

You can see a research paper related to this project with the following link: Kazutaka Kurihara, Yohei Tutiya, "Non-Central Limit Theorem Statistical Analysis for the "Long-tailed" Internet Society,", 2010.

发展现状: 1 - Planning
自然语言: English, Japanese
作业系统: Windows
编程语言: C#
专题: 统计
用户界面: Graphical, Command-line
Register Date: 2010-01-19 17:36
最后更新: 2012-07-03 04:06


Numpy と scipy を使用する python の統計的モデル。現在線形回帰 (普通、一般化し、重み付き最小二乗法)、堅牢な線形回帰と一般化線形モデル、離散モデル、時系列解析、統計的方法をカバーしています。

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最后更新: 2012-08-25 16:29


プロジェクト imDEV の多変量データの可視化、調査、および分析に焦点を当てたタスク Excel と R をシームレスに統合 RExcel のアプリケーションです。インタラクティブなモジュールで次元削減 (imPCA)、予測 (imPLS)、機能の選択は、相関 (imCorrelations) の解析とネットワーク構造 (imGraph) の生成、統合環境を提供するシステムの多変量データのレベルの分析。

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