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SolydX and SolydK are Debian based distributions with the Xfce and KDE desktop.

The size of ISO exceeds 2 GB from the Debian 9 Stretch base, It was difficult to publish from OSDN with 1 file 2 GB limit. Please download via official website.


Register Date: 2015-11-14 19:31
最后更新: 2020-10-08 19:50

We are developing home appliance automation, crime prevention, disaster prevention, voice control system

Check the temperature of the room from the place to go and drive a cooler

When the outside becomes dark in the evening, I turn on the lights of the entrance and the room

Watering the home garden based on the humidity outside on dawn

Email security when the security sensor works

Sound music at a fixed time

Notify by e-mail and phone (Wan Gi) when the fire detector reports

Intermittently operate underfloor ventilation fan based on outside air humidity

I am practicing IOT House at Raspberry Pi.

After playing with Raspberry Pi, let's realize home electronics & home security with Remote-Hand Raspberry_pi.

发展现状: 4 - Beta
目标用户: End Users/Desktop
自然语言: English
作业系统: Linux
编程语言: C, PHP, Unix Shell
用户界面: Console (Text Based)
活动百分: 34
Activity Ranking: 109Ranking
Register Date: 2004-12-17 09:35

Nusy Linux

Linux開発についての学習を目的とし、ubuntu,debianなどをベースにオリジナルLinuxOS「Nusy Linux」の開発を行います。


最后更新: 2020-10-14 18:43

LangitKetujuh OS

Distribusi GNU/Linux dengan Musl berdasar pada Voidlinux dengan KDE Lingkungan Desktop. Rolling Rilis Stabil, Ringan dan Efisien. Edisi Lite untuk aplikasi standar dan edisi Pro untuk kebutuhan desainer, ilustrator, animator, dan game desainer.

GNU/Linux Musl distribution based on Voidlinux with KDE Desktop Environment. Rolling Release Stable, Light and Efficient. Lite edition for standard apps and Pro edition for the needs of designers, illustrators, animators and game designers.

目标用户: by End-User Class
作业系统: Linux
专题: Live CD
用户界面: KDE
活动百分: 32
Activity Ranking: 111Ranking
Register Date: 2020-09-21 07:28


Zirconium Project is a custom rom that focuses on being the most stable rom you will come across.

naiad Linux Alpha(old)

naiad linux is a ubuntu-based linux distribution created with a focus on lightness, design and security.

活动百分: 4
Activity Ranking: 187Ranking
Register Date: 2019-09-18 17:34
最后更新: 2020-09-01 12:05

LFSbook in Japanese

This project provides the Japanese translation version of the LFS (Linux From Scratch) book, and its development sources.

See home page for more details.

Development sources are available from ...

最后更新: 2010-07-06 23:50

Teuton Preinstalled Environment (TPE)

TeutonPE is imagined as "Post-Apocalyptical OS" *, inspired by the idea of PortableApps combined with a PeBuilder compiled Boot CD / Thumbdrive / Harddisk. Programs can be used, even when there is no OS installed. BB4win is used for Live Menu and as the default Shell.All Plugins are also BartPE & XPE compatible. To build the boot CD you need a valid Windows© (Xp/2003) CD or mounted Image and the PEBuilder from Bart Legerweij.

*Autarchic Developement with the help of the CodeBlocks(MinGW) plugin and its also planned to make it self-reproducible to any optical, magnetical or electronical storage medium .

最后更新: 2015-07-04 21:16

vEMan - VMware ESX/ESXi Manager

vEMan - [v]Mware [E]SX [Man]ager is a tool which helps you managing ESX servers natively from within your Linux desktop without the need to use Windows vSphere® anymore!
It is based on the VMware CLI/SDK and/or other free great user-scripts but using a GUI on top.

Why I started vEMan? Because I hate it to start my Windows VM to manage ESX(i) servers ;o)

vEMan is (maybe) not needed if you use vCenter 5.x:
--> vSphere >= v5 has a "web client"
BUT keep in mind that there are caveats: Not all features are available in the web client AND it can connect to vCenters only (see:

- ESX(i) v3.x or 4.x?
- v5.x - but no vCenter?
- you want a native Linux vSphere client?

Then try vEMan!

vEMan is not published or pronounced by VMware Inc. vEMan is an OpenSource project from a private person without any warranty or claim to bother VMware Inc. VMware,vSphere,ESX/ESXi,vCenter are trademarks by VMware Inc.

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最后更新: 2019-03-05 19:02


コーマル Linux は Slackware Linux から派生した Linux ディストリビューションです。それはライブ CD としてパッケージされています。コーマル Linux Slackware の非公式イスラム教徒エディションです。

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最后更新: 2015-02-16 03:13

Bridge Linux

橋の Linux は、GUI と標準的なアプリケーションが含まれています、アーチ導関数です。基本アーチに固執しようとするし、フォークはできません。

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最后更新: 2010-01-04 22:36


PIAPARA LiveCDは、SDLMAMEのエミュレータとAdvanceMENUのフロント エンドがあるLinuxライブCDシステムです。アーケード、 PCモニター、USBジョイスティック、PIAPARAインターフェイス、USBメモリ&ハード ディスクストレージ、ネットワークをサポートしています。

最后更新: 2015-12-27 00:20


Nanolinuxは、busyboxを伴うMicroCore Linuxベースの非常に小さなLinuxディストリビューションです。

X11の代わりにNano-Xを使います。GUIツールキットとしてFLTK 1.3.xを使います。ウィンドウマネージャは、SLWMです。

FlMusic CDプレイヤ
FlChat IRCクライアント
Flcalc 電卓プログラム
ゲーム: Tuxchess, NXeyes, Checkers, Blocks, Sudoku, Mastermind
OSS sound, Truetype fonts, UTF-8サポート



最后更新: 2014-03-02 23:53



最后更新: 2012-01-19 18:00