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湯浅勝久's History

[SVN] Commit revision 24
add x64 configuration
[SVN] Commit revision 32
add some experimental routines
[SVN] Commit revision 23
ソースコード内の用語変更 LineOffset -> LineStride 表示画像をクリップボードにコピーする機能追加
[SVN] Commit revision 22
updated history.txt
[File Release] Package 'Data Viewer 1.09' has been deleted
[File Release] Package 'Data Viewer 1.09' has been updated
[File Release] New package 'Data Viewer 1.09' has been created
[SVN] Commit revision 21
changed call to WinAPI function, it seems like GetKeyState doesn't support Mouse. GetAsyncKeyStat...
[SVN] Commit revision 19
supported file as input source
[SVN] Commit revision 31
changed new routine to take care of right and bottom side of a image