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A categorical programming language

Rev. 时间 作者
68e7344 2022-02-27 20:59:44 Corbin

Fix more type issues.

I think that we're basically ready to try typechecking functors.

f895919 2022-02-27 13:21:36 Corbin

Get the typechecker to emit reasonable output.

c08887f 2022-02-26 13:48:39 Corbin

Implement a not-yet-translated typechecker.

0fc20e6 2022-02-24 12:37:51 Corbin

Add many docstrings (trails?) to the hive.

5c95140 2022-02-23 17:38:02 Corbin

Stub a possible cammy-weave implementation.

cc80fa3 2022-02-23 16:31:12 Corbin

Port cammy-frame to RPython.

Spent more time debugging cammylib than on the main entrypoint. I
suppose that this means that cammylib is reasonably factored.

f36a6db 2022-02-21 08:24:56 Corbin

Refactor canonicalization.

eab907e 2022-02-21 05:18:29 Corbin

Get substitution to work at the REPL.

7a65a2a 2022-02-18 14:32:04 Corbin

Split cammy-run into cammy-draw and pieces.

The parser and arrow-builder are now in their own module, so that both
cammy-draw and cammy-repl can use them. cammy-draw is finally around the
proper size, carrying proper responsibilities.

1f5c0f0 2022-02-17 10:51:25 Corbin

Refactor RPython Cammy modules.

We will be implementing several tools in RPython, so we need to share
the code while still keeping the Nix expressions clean and minimal. I
don't want to rebuild the JIT when I'm only changing the REPL.

9b941f6 2022-01-09 14:32:00 Corbin

Add several monads and comonads.

bbf57a6 2021-12-31 09:51:14 Corbin

Save some notes.

57c6a09 2021-11-27 05:18:14 Corbin

Start building basic literate tools.

8aa3899 2021-11-25 08:51:22 Corbin

cammy-run: LBYL optimizations for JIT.

Removes spurious NaN checks from JIT'd code, but makes demos slower.

2e72e24 2021-11-24 13:50:27 Corbin

Factor f-lt compositions.

bd63be8 2021-11-15 13:47:25 Corbin

hive: Basic 2D signed distance functions.

Circles and metaballs.

3da098e 2021-11-14 15:05:24 Corbin

movelist: Clean up clause ordering.

It was getting unmaintainable. Instead of ordering them for djinn, we
should just add condi to upstream miniKanren.

e8c828e 2021-11-14 15:05:13 Corbin

frame: Comment out debugging messages.

120cf18 2021-11-14 15:03:49 Corbin

Refactor demos.

1afe554 2021-11-14 05:52:34 Corbin

cammy-run: Multiple JIT drivers.

5e592f7 2021-11-14 02:23:00 Corbin

demo/mandelbrot: Use bounded unfolds instead of application.

a7b8dba 2021-11-13 14:38:58 Corbin

Implement bounded unfolds.

e701bc5 2021-11-13 14:38:30 Corbin

cammy-run: Add lists.

4baf5e2 2021-11-06 07:13:23 Corbin

cammy-run: Better NaN handling in f-add and f-mul.

66de970 2021-11-06 02:04:43 Corbin

cammy-run: Better multisampling.

be8acf1 2021-11-05 14:37:11 Corbin

Implement complex square root.

b2de512 2021-11-04 10:00:26 Corbin

Graph complex functions with standard coloration.

f1ce494 2021-11-04 02:50:35 Corbin

Start doing trigonometry.

Halfway to HSL and graphing complex functions!

7e9125f 2021-10-28 22:05:01 Corbin

New toolchain API.

Documentation about the low-level toolchain components has been moved
into the README.

760c2af 2021-10-26 05:46:26 Corbin

cammy-run: JIT-compile per-pixel drawings.