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A categorical programming language

Rev. 时间 作者
a12a5d8 2022-04-09 10:29:59 Corbin

Use CPython 2.7 instead of PyPy.

This is a nixpkgs issue, but I genuinely don't know how it'll turn out,
and I can't afford to wait for them.

93e7472 2022-04-07 13:47:18 Corbin

Improve the JIT merge points.

The generated JIT bridges are much nicer. There's still a lot of
typechecking, though.

9cc1c3a 2022-04-01 13:37:56 Corbin

Get faster fractal membership working, somewhat.

I'm not quite confident in the correctness of my step "monad", which
deliberately breaks the monad laws to facilitate counting evaluation
steps. I'm also not sure why it's so slow.

09a112e 2022-03-30 11:50:39 Corbin

Call djinn from REPL.

5ce1d98 2022-03-30 09:21:26 Corbin

Implement the Yoneda combinators and other stuff.

b6c821c 2022-03-28 15:44:27 Corbin

Allow N to be fancy blackboard N in LaTeX.

8a2fcd2 2022-03-25 14:46:16 Corbin

Add basic acceptance tests for jelly.

Maybe these should be moved to jelly/ instead?

2a8ef1f 2022-03-22 13:36:01 Corbin

Teach movelist about swap.

By synthesizing swap, movelist is able to djinn the unit of the
continuation monad, which is composed of swap and function application.

I don't have a strong explanation for why this occurs, other than that
it seems that the movelist search naturally takes a very long time to
find swap in the first place, and has to rediscover it at every
potential callsite. Providing swap as a synthetic primitive operation
fixes at least one testcase.

Oh, also, give movelist a basic test suite.

2178287 2022-03-17 14:10:00 Corbin

Write out some basic docs for the hive.

debfeb9 2022-03-16 15:19:40 Corbin

Add refactoring tool for renaming expressions.

f877dbc 2022-03-15 14:29:41 Corbin

Generalize an optimization for pair/case.

e9a1a66 2022-03-15 10:33:03 Corbin

Add a tool for graphing hives.

90d9bc9 2022-03-12 23:26:47 Corbin

Build a DAG while loading expressions into a hive.

609bc59 2022-03-10 12:09:04 Corbin

Decide on the order of lists and fix fold.

876b226 2022-03-09 10:16:42 Corbin

Clean up pretty-printing for types.

04c4c70 2022-03-08 18:45:59 Corbin

Finish cleanup of type extractor.

2c4a70a 2022-03-06 13:17:10 Corbin

Clean up old parts of movelist.

fa414c8 2022-03-02 14:52:37 Corbin

Remove old CHICKEN stub and OCaml frame.

We won't be reusing this code, it hasn't been called in a while, and
it's time for cammy-build to retire, at least for now.

ed5150e 2022-03-02 12:36:12 Corbin

Get everything in the hive typechecked.

Had to remove three experiments which didn't work out. We can always
revisit them later.

0bc7131 2022-03-02 11:00:55 Corbin

Add :! command to REPL for evaluating elements.

I should probably add typechecking, because it also will try to evaluate

729412c 2022-03-01 10:39:55 Corbin

jelly: Optimize a few odd and even functions.

7a7bc08 2022-02-28 14:56:40 Corbin

Better optimization of primitive recursion.

Along with the rules for `not`, this change allows for optimizing

(comp succ (pr t not))

into (pr f not), effectively turning nat/is_even into nat/is_odd.

726b99a 2022-02-28 14:35:50 Corbin

Fix dispatch for a couple methods.

Making these into methods on S-expressions feels a little strange, but
I'm relatively confident that there's no empirical basis for those
feelings. It's not even a hunch, just a feeling.

0cb2292 2022-02-28 13:57:22 Corbin

Call jelly from RPython.

That was a headache, but it appears to work.

c49055b 2022-02-28 08:56:34 Corbin

Catch infinite types during extraction.

ec83ede 2022-02-28 08:18:51 Corbin

Typecheck functors with holes.

It might feel a little hacky to allow non-exectuable arrow subclasses,
but I'm thinking of it this way: execution is only one thing an arrow
can do, and symbolic logic doesn't end after arrows are built.

68e7344 2022-02-27 20:59:44 Corbin

Fix more type issues.

I think that we're basically ready to try typechecking functors.

f895919 2022-02-27 13:21:36 Corbin

Get the typechecker to emit reasonable output.

c08887f 2022-02-26 13:48:39 Corbin

Implement a not-yet-translated typechecker.

0fc20e6 2022-02-24 12:37:51 Corbin

Add many docstrings (trails?) to the hive.