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都元ダイスケ's History

[SVN] Commit revision 669
Make DefaultEntityCreator ignoring letter case of Column#name, when DefaultEntityCreator searches...
[SVN] Commit revision 661
correct project URL in pom.
[SVN] Commit revision 660
Specify each maven plugin's version and maven-resources-plugin's encoding to avoid maven3 warnings.
[SVN] Commit revision 644
SpringConnectionProvider throws IllegalStateException when if a transaction is not found.
[SVN] Commit revision 642
output log when DefaultResultEntityCreator fail to map column to beans's property
[SVN] Commit revision 641
avoid to fail parsing applicationContext.xml when there is no internet connection.
[SVN] Commit revision 624
make ValueType parameterized
[SVN] Commit revision 623
add test and act on warnings
[SVN] Commit revision 622
define parameterized ValueType and its implementations
[SVN] Commit revision 621
create branch for type-safe ValueType
[SVN] Commit revision 620
create branch for type-safe ValueType
[SVN] Commit revision 619
delete merged working branch
[SVN] Commit revision 618
implements BeanDescImpl#toString and PropertyDescImpl#toString for ease of debug
[SVN] Commit revision 615
remove unnecessary constant fields.
[SVN] Commit revision 614
avoid numeric constant fields. Instead using enum.
[SVN] Commit revision 613
remove unnecessary comment-outed code
[SVN] Commit revision 612
DefaultResultEntityCreator just reqires no-argument constructor. It really doesn't matter if the...