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Takeshi Morishima
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2002-07-19 13:40
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Emacs Lisp programming in computing environment tool,
sh/perl for general automation scripting, and C for
performance required tool and analysis.

Used to use C and 68K assembly for real life-keeping work,
on UNIX variants and a few embeded systems. Lately getting
involved in C/C++ for PowerPC but not heavily.
The real life-keeping work is system architecture and
design, not coding so occasionally need language
reference manual to remember details or library function
names when coding is needed. (so I am not a wizard type
programmer.) Uses UML based development process.

Somehow familiar with Framemaker, MS Word, MS Power
Point, MS Excel and bound to MS Exchange and Outlook in
real life-keeping work environment (unfortunatelly).


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c> 10 yr
common lisp> 10 yr
英語> 10 yr
日本語> 10 yr
perl5 yr - 10 yr
モデリング6 Mo - 2 yr
html/xhtml2 yr - 5 yr
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