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AlterLinux is an ArchLinux-derived OS that has been developed by customizing archiso. Japan's first "ArchLinux-derived OS developed in Japan". Equipped with Xfce4, which is uniquely customized to the standard desktop environment, enables easy operation. It can be installed easily with the GUI installer. All settings such as network and disk can be done with GUI, making it the best OS for migration from Ubuntu and other sources. Since the repository is shared with ArchLinux, you can use the latest packages and use the rich information of ArchWiki as it is. Development is performed by FascodeNetwork (formerly SereneTeam), which also handles SereneLinux, and it is the best OS that developers with abundant experience and technology are particular about making it easy to use for all users.


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发布: 2020-04-26 17:50
Xfce 20Q1.2.0 Beta 2 (3 files 隐藏)


It is Beta2.



  • Fixed a problem that some software cannot input Japanese
  • Added support for MTP file system
  • Completely disable beep
  • Added support for various archives
  • Added Grub theme
  • Fixed the problem that virtual console cannot be switched
  • added basic behavior to .xinitrc
  • Fixed duplicate kernel options
  • Disable VCS plugin
  • Added aptX support
  • Change nano settings
  • add htop
  • Add a link to your desktop
  • 一部ソフトウェアで日本語入力できない問題を修正
  • MTPファイルシステムのサポートを追加
  • ビープ音を完全に無効化
  • 様々なアーカイブのサポートを追加
  • Grubテーマを追加
  • 仮想コンソールを切り替えられない問題を修正
  • .xinitrcに基本的な動作を追加した
  • カーネルオプションの重複を修正
  • VCSプラグインを無効化
  • aptXのサポートを追加
  • nanoの設定を変更
  • htopを追加
  • デスクトップにリンクを追加