最后更新: 2021-02-25 08:03

OS free for all can boot from usb sd or hdd freeproject for all

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最后更新: 2021-02-21 22:11

Linux Distribution - Installable Desktop/Server Linux Distribution and also Rescue disk

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Second version of Cclite (now 15 years old), based on Mojolicious, Postgresql and a native RESTful interface. It's designed as an engine rather than a web application, but an html interface (reduced for mobile) is still provided. Also a simple test suite.

You will have to hand modify (at least) postgres pg_hba.conf to get a working installation. The postinst in the deb package is now fairly 'question and answer'. We'll put some of the currently worked on defects onto a wiki page.

If you want to experiment with intertrading you will need rabbitmq: https://www.rabbitmq.com/install-debian.html#apt
I've chosen this, it's stable and supports many of the pub/sub protocols. SOAP and cclite's registry <-> is gone

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Don't give in to life's stress

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BackSlash Linux
最后更新: 2021-02-21 02:38

BackSlash Linux is a Linux-based distribution which provides out-of-the-box experience for general computing. BackSlash Linux is comprised of Free and Open Source Software and is tailored to make using computers easier.

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FluidOS Builds Releases for LeEco Le 2 (s2)

Source : https://github.com/alonsoj636/device_leeco_s2-Q.git

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ArrowOS Builds Releases for LeEco Le 2 (s2) Source : https://github.com/alonsoj636/device_leeco_s2-Q.git

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to create a one of a kind circuit board for myself

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CIRCUIT BOARD, universal circuit board, i'm in a hurry

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FVWM3 myExtensions
最后更新: 2021-02-21 06:00

最后更新: 2021-02-18 20:46

This is a collection of FVWM configs. Inspired by Gnome Extensions that make gnome multifunctional. This gave the name "FVWM myExtentions". The new FVWM3 (F? Virtual Window Manager 3), started as an experiment and became a fully functional base that makes "my" daily computer workflow simpler and more efficient. This is a model for you to use, modify or create your own extensions.

This collection makes the desk different from what you may have experienced before. It has a modern look but the behavior and navigation are similar to the functions of the mid-90s before Win97 was introduced. Easier, faster, and more efficient.

If you are new to FVWM and wondering what it is all about. FVWM is a Window Manager (WM). What sets it apart from other WMs, it is also a *Virtual* window manager. Among the powerful fvwm features is the virtual desktop, which allows you to place windows on an area much larger than the actual size of the visible display.

The FVWM3 install package comes with a minimal startup configure. It gives the user the choice of expression. Details such as the appearance of windows, function of panels, pagers, and programs are created and defined by the user.

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