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We are developing and introducing general-purpose portal applications based on the standard of JSR-168 Java Portlet API. To realize you can build homepages using many useful applications with portal server, and to popularize that is the mission of us.


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发布: 2006-12-09 08:51
tomahawkbridge 0.9 (1 files 隐藏)


Tomahawk Bridge is a portlet filter to use Apache MyFaces Tomahawk componets on portlet environment(MyFaces Bridge was replaces with this filter). Tomahawk Bridge depends on Faces Response Filter. Using Faces Resonse Filter, you can use Tomahawk and also other components, such as Ajax4JSF(if you create that filters..).

Tomahawk ブリッジは、Apache MyFaces の Tomahawk コンポーネントをポートレット環境で使うためのポートレットフィルタです(MyFacesブリッジはこのフィルタに置き換えられました)。Tomahawkブリッジは、Facesレスポンスフィルタに依存します。それを使用することで、Tomahawkと、Ajax4JSF などの他のコンポーネントを利用できます(それらを作ればですが)。


- MyFaces Bridge was replaced with Tomahawk Bridge. So, MyFaces Bridge was deprecated.
- Tomahawk Bridge depends on Faces Response Filter.