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pg_dbms_stats makes fixed planner statistics and manages query plans.


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发布: 2014-06-06 14:54
pgdbmsstats 1.3.2 (7 files 隐藏)


- pg_dbms_stats no more causes planner to access repeatedly to the tables of pg_dbms_stats for nonexistent saved statistics during considering access paths involving tables or indexes that don't have their statistics 'lock'ed. This change improves the performance especially for light weight (which means taking less than a few milliseconds) queries on no-locked tables/indexes.
- Now declares the right version to the extension framework. ALTER EXTENSION can be used to upgrade from the older versions.
- Fix a bug potentially causes SEGV crash.

・機能拡張としてのバージョンを正しく設定するように修正しました。 旧バージョンからのALTER EXTENSIONが可能です。


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