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Simphone is a secure and private open source Instant Messenger.

* 256-bit end-to-end encryption for voice audio calls, file transfer and chat
* completely decentralized: no need to register anywhere
* zero-configuration, portable, fast, small and reliable
* can optionally work together with TOR to anonymize your IP address

No third party can look into your communication or block your access.


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发布: 2023-12-31 09:02
simphone 0.9.2 (5 files 隐藏)


Added dark theme and font size setting


version 0.9.2: dark theme


  • libraries: upgraded openssl and patched c-ares
  • configure: reduced the number of static dependencies on Linux (libudev, libXss, libxcb-keysyms)
  • xfer: show non-accepted incoming transfers (because of set limits) in red in transfers dialog
  • xfer: show numeric names in chat history for files that failed to be received but were kept
  • chatframe: reserve space for "scroll down" button in chat and console
  • transfers: allow resetting columns and sort order without closing the dialogs
  • transfers: save view settings when "ok" button clicked also in per-file dialog
  • transfers: allow starting multiple file transfers with a single command
  • contacts: force reopen if idle and both "show minimized" and "show open" settings are checked
  • settings: added a setting for maximal incoming file size to accept automatically
  • ui: allow for user-settable font size and "fusion" qt style

fixed bugs:

  • socket: audio calls were sometimes interrupted by file transfers
  • xfer: always clear paused state when sending a new file or starting a non-accepted file
  • transfers: file names that contained a space were truncated in per-file dialog
  • generate: preserve settings when moving back and forth across login dialogs
  • qt: try to avoid "out of memory" crash on right click if Windows clipboard has too much text