[Ttssh2-commit] [8417] typo fix

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2019年 11月 28日 (木) 13:08:41 JST

Revision: 8417
Author:   doda
Date:     2019-11-28 13:08:41 +0900 (Thu, 28 Nov 2019)
Log Message:
typo fix

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Modified: trunk/doc/en/html/about/ctrlseq.html
--- trunk/doc/en/html/about/ctrlseq.html	2019-11-27 15:26:28 UTC (rev 8416)
+++ trunk/doc/en/html/about/ctrlseq.html	2019-11-28 04:08:41 UTC (rev 8417)
@@ -264,7 +264,7 @@
     = 13    Reports window position.
             <i>Ps2</i> = Omitted, 0, 1
                        Reports whole window position.
-                = 2    Reprots text area position.
+                = 2    Reports text area position.
             Response: CSI 3 ; <i>x</i> ; <i>y</i> t
               <i>x</i>    X position of window.
               <i>y</i>    Y position of window.
@@ -272,7 +272,7 @@
     = 14    Reports window size in pixels.
             <i>Ps2</i> = Omitted, 0, 1
                        Reports text area size.
-                = 2    Reprots whole window size.
+                = 2    Reports whole window size.
             Response: CSI 4 ; <i>y</i> ; <i>x</i> t
               <i>y</i>    Window height in pixels.
               <i>x</i>    Window width in pixels.
@@ -769,8 +769,8 @@
 	<td> 7786 </td>
 	<td> - </td>
-	<td> Enables mouse wheel - cursorkey translation. </td>
-	<td> Disables mouse wheel - cursorkey translation. </td>
+	<td> Enables mouse wheel - cursor key translation. </td>
+	<td> Disables mouse wheel - cursor key translation. </td>
         <td> 8200 </td>

Modified: trunk/doc/en/html/about/history.html
--- trunk/doc/en/html/about/history.html	2019-11-27 15:26:28 UTC (rev 8416)
+++ trunk/doc/en/html/about/history.html	2019-11-28 04:08:41 UTC (rev 8417)
@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@
       <li>Added SFMT information on version dialog.</li>
       <li>Changed of indication from "Protocol" to "IP version" and from "UNSPEC" to "AUTO" on <a href="../menu/file-new.html">New connection dialog</a>.</li>
       <li>When the opacity value of the window is temporarily changed by operating the mouse wheel on the title bar of VT window, the tooltip of the opacity value is shown.</li>
-      <li>The location of resizing toolchip is automatically moved to coordinates after resizing.</li>
+      <li>The location of resizing tooltip is automatically moved to coordinates after resizing.</li>
       <li>Added slider for specify the opacity values on the Visual tab of the <a href="../menu/setup-additional.html">Additional settings dialog</a>. When transparency is not available, made opacity not changeable.</li>
       <li>Eterm look-feel: Added the <a href="../menu/setup-additional.html#MixedThemeFile">Mixed ThemeFile to Background</a> configuration. Also, added the <a href="../setup/teraterm-ini.html#BGIgnoreThemeFile">BGIgnoreThemeFile</a> entry in the teraterm.ini file. The default value is off.</li>
       <li>When the opacity values of the <a href="../menu/setup-additional.html">Additional settings dialog</a> is input over than 255, the value is automatically changed to 255 over the dialog.</li>
@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@
   <li>Bug fixes
-      <li>The toolchip during resizing can not be displayed on the left and top edge of the desktop. This bug was introduced in 4.103.</li>
+      <li>The tooltip during resizing can not be displayed on the left and top edge of the desktop. This bug was introduced in 4.103.</li>
       <li>Eterm look-feel: When a image file is randomly selected with the wallpaper, invalid file may be selected. </li>
       <li>The help button of File-Log, File-Transfer, Setup-Font and Printer dialog does not work well. This bug was introduced in 4.104.</li>
       <li>Fixed a problem that TTIMESV (Save IME status) / TTIMERS (Restore IME status) control sequences do not work.</li>

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