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Mailing list help

You can create a mailing list for for each project. Obviously project members with a mailing list can participate, but general users may also join and create lists.

The mailing list management system uses GNU Mailman. All actions - joining a mailing list, leaving, viewing the archive - can be done over the web.

Creating a mailing list.

Creating, and adding, a mailing list is done via 'List' -> 'Admin'. Click "Create New Mailing List" on this screen to add a new list。

Note that mailing lists are not created instantly but take up to one hour to appear.

Email confirmation

When you set up a mailing list a confirmation email with the title "OSDN New Mailing List" is sent. At this point the mailing list is not yet created. After a short while an email with a title like "New mailing list: ~" is sent to show it is ready. Now the mailing list is ready to use.

Next, access the admin page.

  • In the first confirmation email, "OSDN New Mailing List", there is a "List Admin URL".
  • In the project menu from 'List' -> 'Admin' click the "Mailing list admin/update" link then the "GNU Mailman list management" link shown on the following page.

Using either of the above methods access the admin page and enter the initial password sent by email. Now please confirm the mailing list settings.

Admin password

The mailing list admin password is independent of the OSDN password. Even if you are the project admin, please take note of the password. Also please change the password from the initial one.

Mailing list FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions concerning mailing list management.

Q:I'd like to delete a message from the mailing list archive.

A: As a rule it is not possible to delete messages. However if, for example, personal information is present in an archived message then there must be an exception made. On such ocaisions contact OSDN support staff via the project admin responsible for the mailing list.

Q: I want to block posts from all except the mailing list members.

A: You can set this from the mailing list management page. Using the "Sender's filter" of the "Privacy Option" section set generic_nonmember_action to 'discard' and select 'No' for forward_auto_discards.

Q: I want to block posts from specific emails.

A:You can set this from the mailing list management page. Enter the email(s) in question into the discard_these_nonmembers textbox of the "Privacy Option" section.

Q: I've lost the password for the mailing list management page.

A: Please use 'Reset Admin Password' on Project mailinmg list admin page.

Q: What happens when a mailing list is deleted?

A: It becomes impossible to post, but the mailing list itself continues to exist. In other words the archive of past messages remains. This is because it is a system that upholds OSDN's core value of retaining record of everything.

If later the mailing list is activated from the OSDN mailing list management page it again becomes possible to send messages through it.

Q: I'd like to be able to operate the mailing list without using the web pages.

It is possible to manage the mailing list via email. If it is a mailing list called "" then by using the address "" you can send operational commands. For further details send an email with the subject "help" to the project specific mailing list name as shown above. A help email will be sent.