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Bulk Crap Uninstaller (in short BCUninstaller or BCU) is a free (as in speech and beer) bulk program uninstaller with advanced automation. It excels at removing large amounts of applications with minimal to no user input, while requiring next to no technical knowledge.

It can detect most applications and games (even portable or not registered), clean up leftovers, force uninstall, automatically uninstall according to premade lists, and much more.

Bulk Crap Uninstaller is licensed under Apache 2.0 open source license, and can be used in both private and commercial settings for free and with no obligations, as long as no conditions of the license are broken.


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Bulk Crap Uninstaller v3.4.0

发布: 2016-08-02 02:48
Bulk-Crap-Uninstaller Bulk Crap Uninstaller v3.4.0 (4 files 隐藏)


This update focuses on Steam integration and improving usability.


  • Added detection of all Steam Apps (as long as Steam itself sees them)
  • Added full Steam App uninstall automation
  • Added option to uninstall applications by only entering a directory path
  • Added option to retry failed quiet uninstallers in loud mode
  • Added OS version and architecture to soft crash box
  • Changed process kill screen to ignore Steam if it will be needed later
  • Raised WMI query timeout
  • Lowered process priority of quiet uninstallers
  • Prioritized Msiexec when uninstalling concurrently
  • Disabled skipping Msiexec uninstallers, can only terminate
  • Terminating Msiexec uninstallers will terminate ALL Msiexec processes now
  • Fixed advanced file attributes not being detected on Win 10 - fixes and improves many things
  • Fixed crashing when viewing properties of some uninstallers
  • Fixed registry export sometimes getting stuck or failing
  • Fixed clicking kill in the process kill dialog cancelling the operation
  • Fixed Msiexec uninstallers not checking if they are still installed properly
  • Updated parts of the interface
  • Updated Polish translation
  • Updated packages
  • Other fixes and changes, check the commits for more info

Historical changelogs:

Version 3.3.2 Changelog

  • Added Portuguese translation by Artur Álvaro Pereira
  • Added Hungarian translation by Phoenix (Döbröntei Sándor)
  • Added/updated/fixed some translations
  • Added missing translations to translation select box
  • Added invalid culture check when loading settings
  • Added timeout to WMI query in GetWindowsFeaturesList
  • Changed 64bit field to use an enum
  • Changed system StoreApps to no longer be protected
  • Changed list refresh to throw errors more aggressively
  • Updated used packages
  • Small speed-up of certificate extraction
  • Fixed crash with empty application names
  • Fixed a crash when trying to add an element to uninstall list
  • Fixed possible race condition
  • Fixed some icon paths in GetApplicationsFromDrive being ignored

Version 3.3.1 Changelog

  • Added Unknown value to the Is64bit property instead of setting it to false if unknown
  • Added Russian translation by wvxwxvw
  • Added help buttons to some windows
  • Better handling of Windows Features
  • Changed default registry backup filename to include date and time
  • Updated Uninstallation section of the help file
  • Updated French translation
  • Updated Slovenian translation
  • Fixed NSIS automation sometimes getting stuck waiting for mouse movement
  • Fixed orphaned apps from Program Files sometimes not showing
  • Fixed BCU trying to close Steam when uninstalling a Steam app

Version 3.3 Changelog

  • Added NSIS uninstall automation (uninstall quietly even if not officially supported)
  • Added generation of uninstall strings for orphaned applications
  • Added detection of uninstaller type of orphaned applications and generation of quiet commands
  • Added advanced filter editor and upgraded uninstall lists
  • Added filtering by columns and result in## Version to search box
  • Added advanced clipboard copy
  • Added a manual and UI buttons to open it
  • Added a Store-App-styled splash screen on startup
  • Added pop-up when manually forcing uninstaller to run fails during uninstall
  • Added more uninstallation settings: retry if failed, automatically kill stuck
  • Added a .Net 4.0 missing pop-up
  • Improved detection of InnoSetup uninstallers. Added generation of quiet commands for InnoSetup uninstallers
  • Decreased confidence of Store App directories in junk removal
  • Disable filtering options on the sidebar if they have nothing to filter
  • Changed list color legend to show only valid colors
  • Changed uninstaller info export from text to XML
  • Changed clipboard copies to not include program name with guids, uninstall strings, etc.
  • Changed bulk uninstall progress behavior
  • Changed loading box to have no border
  • Changed layout of the setting sidebar
  • Changed Store App directories to have bad confidence in junk uninstall
  • Updated packages
  • Updated some translations
  • Disabled Shut-down blocking below Vista to fix crashes
  • Fixed uninstall abort dialog having wrong parent window
  • Fixed main window showing in a corner with default settings
  • Fixed Store App uninstaller not working with spaces in path
  • Fixed crash when searching invalid or protected directories for orphaned applications
  • Fixed walk-away box showing up at the end of the uninstall task
  • Fixed rare crash when loading Store Apps
  • Fixed Store App information missing Unicode characters
  • Fixed process kill window not closing when last process is killed

Version 3.2 Changelog

  • Added detection and uninstallation of Windows Store Apps
    • Added new highlight colour for Store apps
    • Added relevant filtering options
  • Added ability to run some uninstallers concurrently
    • BCU can automatically run multiple uninstallers
    • Collision detection with other running uninstallers
    • User can force uninstallers to run manually
  • Added custom-made uninstaller capability
    • Added first custom uninstaller for OneDrive
  • Added protection against shut-downs during bulk uninstallation
  • Added single process kill button to Process Waiter window
  • Added code to retry uninstallation one time in case of a failure
    • Doesn't bother in case of irrecoverable errors
    • Tries to detect user cancels and not retry then
  • Improved uninstallation progress window
    • Added grouping and some extra functions
    • Added ability to retry failed uninstallers
    • Changed uninstallation status label to fit more text
  • Improved performance when OS doesn't support some of the required interfaces (less exceptions are thrown)
  • Changed rating column width to be constant
  • Changed wording from "Invalid uninstaller" to "Missing uninstaller"
  • Changed highlight colours slightly
  • Changed bulk uninstallation to not wait for processes with "explorer" in their names
  • Changed bulk uninstallation time-out delay to be considerably higher
  • Changed when the walk-away pop-up is displayed during bulk uninstallation
  • Updated third-party libraries
  • Fixed "Invalid or unknown start-up registry key" on Windows XP.
  • Fixed TaskManager start-up crash on Windows XP
  • Fixed rating tool tip in the main list view
  • Fixed some quiet Windows Installer uninstallations timing out prematurely
  • Fixed a crash when searching for registry junk with some security settings

Version 3.1 Changelog

  • Added uninstaller searcher for running apps
  • Added Slovenian translation by Jadran Rudec
  • Fixed some applications not showing up
  • Fixed a bunch of problems with bad install locations
  • Fixed misc crashes on exit

Version 3.0.1 Changelog

  • Fixed a crash with disabled start-up entries
  • Improved generic error dialogue

Version 3.0 Changelog

  • Added global user ratings
    • Average rating is shown in a column
    • Ratings are cached locally, they work without internet connection
  • Improved error handling of invalid start-up entries
  • Improved generic error message box
  • Fixed occasional icon detection errors
  • Fixed a crash with some invalid tasks
  • Fixed exception while checking FileAttributes flags on some systems

Version 2.12.1 Changelog

  • Updated libraries to latest versions
  • Fixed occasional error when start-up directory is missing
  • Fixed crashes/bugs when loading start-up entries
  • Fixed crash when reading disabled start-up items on W7 and below
  • Fixed task exceptions when populating lists
  • Fixed crash while accessing task scheduler on XP
  • Fixed uninstall progress window staying disabled after trying to skip
  • Fixed double list refresh after junk removal

Version 2.12 Changelog

  • Added running process check to junk remove
  • Added option to automatically load Uninstall List on application start
  • Improved detection rate of leftovers
  • Improved Program Files clean-up
  • Changed running process check to not kill child processes
  • Fixed running process check not showing some processes
  • Fixed feedback form

Version 2.11 Changelog

  • Changed junk search to include skipped uninstallers if they were successful
  • Improved application closing speed
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs with certificate scanning
  • Fixed some potential problems with UpdateHelper
  • Fixed about box layout
  • Fixed default games showing as orphans

Version 2.10.1 Changelog

  • Fixed bugs during deleting and backing up of BHOs
  • Fixed task and BHO backups missing extensions
  • Fixed interface problems in startup manager

Version 2.10 Changelog

  • Added detection of hung uninstallers, they are automatically killed in quiet tasks
  • Added Tasks to startup manager and junk detection
  • Added IE/Explorer plugins/helpers to startup manager and junk detection
  • Added backup function to everything in startup manager
  • Updated ObjectListView to latest
  • Fixed slow exit with some configurations
  • Fixed short hang after leaving startup manager
  • Fixed wrong/not translated buttons in dialogues

Version 2.9.2 Changelog

  • Improved certificate detection
  • Fixed BCU showing in the Process kill window
  • Fixed Windows Features being filtered away
  • Fixed a Dispose crash on exit
  • Fixed a crash when searching for junk
  • Fixed a crash in icon getter
  • Fixed a crash on startup with some antiviruses
  • Fixed a crash when getting MSI certificates

Version 2.9.1 Changelog

  • Added ability to disable startup entries
  • Added move link startups to registry
  • Added change startup between all and current user
  • Added icons to startup manager
  • Added menu option to disable autostart in main window
  • Fixed some startup items not being detected
  • Fixed regex search crash
  • Fixed errors in Polish translation
  • Fixed crashes when running from read-only drive
  • Fixed "process exited" during uninstall
  • Fixed crash during startup

Version 2.9 Changelog

  • Added detection of programs running on startup
    • Added a Startup Manager
    • Uninstallers are now tied to their startup entries
    • Startup entries are detected by junk remover
  • Added detection of running applications
    • BCU will notify you if app you try to uninstall is running
    • You can kill running apps from BCU
  • Added custom Program Files directories
    • User-settable, will be scanned for junk and orphans
  • Improved detection of orphaned applications
    • Program name, Publisher and ## Version are now reliably detected
    • Fixed some installed applications being detected as orphaned
    • Fixed some orphans being filtered out
    • Fixed some Windows Features showing as orphans
  • Remade search box to use compare methods
    • Same as uninstall lists, can filter using Regex and such
  • Added new compare method - Contains Any
  • Added button to show more settings to the setup wizard
  • Changed look of the interface, added new icons
  • Changed main interface to reduce clutter
  • Changed list refresh progress to be more accurate
  • Changed some error messages to be more verbose
  • Changed setup wizard to no longer show after updates
  • Fixed some uninstallers failing to uninstall
  • Fixed some errors with orphaned applications
  • Fixed install date grouping
  • Fixed some typos and ambiguities in UI
  • Fixed ObjectDisposedException during startup (hopefully)

Version 2.8.1 Changelog

  • Fixed error message at startup and no uninstallers displayed
  • Fixed a problem on older systems with one of the used fonts
  • Fixed ability to specify invalid language in the setup wizard
  • Fixed loading dialogs sometimes showing in wrong positions
  • Fixed possible crashes when clicking on links in the about box and in a few other places
  • Fixed link to NBug project page

Version 2.8 Changelog

  • Added ability to detect apps without uninstallers
    • They are shown on the list and marked red
    • They can be uninstalled manually. If a valid uninstaller is detected, it can be used as well.
  • Added tool to clean up "Program Files" folders
  • Added Windows Feature detection
    • Search for them from "Tools" menu
    • They are added to the uninstall list
    • They can be uninstalled like normal applications
    • Works only on systems with DISM support
  • Added a color legend to the list view
  • Added hotkeys to the main window
  • Added ability to open items in the junk remove window
  • Added some of the new features to the first run wizard
  • Upgraded uninstall lists
    • Added edit and load dialogs
    • New filtering methods: eqals, contains, starts with, ends with and regex
    • Lists are now saved in xml files
    • Lists can be merged in the dialogs
  • Changed highlight colors to have more contrast
  • The "can leave computer" dialog is now shown above all windows
  • Installed BCU will now update its uninstaller ## Version number after update
  • List view now remembers sorting
  • Improved application startup
  • Fixed 32bit "Program Files" folder not being scanned for junk
  • Fixed uninstaller reg key showing in junk remove even if it no longer exists
  • Fixed properties window sometimes opening multiple times
  • Fixed some dialogs being shown in weird positions
  • Fixed some dialog previews not working in debug window
  • Fixed wrong buttons in low confidence dialog

Version 2.7.1 Changelog

  • Better detection of installation dates
  • Sizes now have fractional parts (e.g. 10.51 GB)
  • Fixes to German, French and Polish translations
  • Fixed a bug preventing error reports from being sent

Version 2.7 Changelog

  • Added German translation
  • Added Polish, French and German translations to the installer
  • Fixed a few misspellings

Version 2.6 Changelog

  • Added set-up wizard, it runs at the first start
  • Added manual uninstallation (bypasses the uninstaller)
  • Added option to terminate hung uninstaller
  • Added prompt to restart when changing language
  • Added uninstaller registry key to junk remove
  • Added certificate detection and verification
    • Verified are marked in green, unverified in blue
    • Added Certificate tab to uninstaller properties
  • Better Windows Installer integration
    • Missing uninstaller information is pulled from MSI databases
    • Detection of invalid MSI uninstallers
    • Detection of real uninstaller path
    • Fixed some MSI entries being impossible to uninstall
  • Better detection of invalid uninstallers
    • They are now marked grey on the list
  • Better icon detection and missing icon handling
  • Changes to the update system
    • Update is now hashed using MD5
    • UpdateHelper should no longer be flagged by some anti-viruses
    • Multiple fixes
  • Changed behaviour when uninstall string is missing (try to fill it in from other sources)
  • Changed uninstaller refresh progress bar to show progress
  • Changed list sorting to work better with groups
  • Changed settings window to contain all settings
  • Changed/Fixed parts of the interface to be more consistent
  • Translated Confidence rating details
  • Fixed some dialog boxes having incorrect icons
  • Fixed status bar totals not updating properly
  • Fixed uninstaller file information not working on some systems
  • Fixed list groups not working on Windows XP
  • Fixed open uninstaller location sometimes not working
  • Fixed minor problems in group headers with dots in directory names and upper case names
  • Fixed crashes and unexpected behaviour when restarting the application or launching multiple instances
  • Fixed error when creating registry key backups if the key doesn't exist
  • Fixed external applications not working with relative paths

Version 2.5 Changelog

  • Localization and text:
    • Added French translation
    • Added option to change language
    • Added file size unit translation
    • Added more messages to UpdateHelper
    • Fixed some missing or wrong texts
  • Improved junk scanner:
    • Now scans start menu as well
    • Improved detection in program files folder
    • Fixed duplicate entries and misc bugs
  • Changed the application icon
  • Added status bar in the main window
  • Added ability to execute custom commands before and after uninstallation
  • Added links to some useful applications
  • Added share buttons and usage statistics
  • Fixed names and sorting of some groups

Version 2.4.1 Changelog

  • Improved copying to clipboard and exporting of uninstaller information
  • Improved some UI texts
  • Fixed a bunch of crashes caused by some antiviruses (namely Avast)
  • Fixed Open key in regedit crashing if you never used regedit before
  • Fixed a race condition between UpdateHelper closing and main application deleting it
  • Fixed rare crash at start-up during automatic update search
  • Fixed occasional crashes when using File\Exit
  • Fixed registry backup using incorrect encoding (some non-critical characters were corrupted)
  • Fixed search box eating "f" key presses

Version 2.4 Changelog

  • Added Polish translation / Polska wersja językowa
  • Added support for translations, contact me if you are willing to translate BCU
  • Fixed a crash when running automatic update
  • Fixed setting reset sometimes not working
  • Fixed "Safe to leave PC" pop-up not blocking its parent window
  • Fixed update system failing with folders in the archive
  • Multiple UI improvements (mostly better text)

Version 2.3.2 Changelog

  • Fixed a race condition when starting an uninstall task that could cause a crash
  • Added "no network connected" message if you try to look for updates etc. while off-line
  • Added a new feedback dialog (before it linked to a web page)
  • Added a feedback prompt when closing the application for the first time
  • Fixed a crash when trying to remove invalid registry keys

Version 2.3 Changelog

  • Fixed a bug preventing some bug reports from being sent properly
  • Fixed junk search rating some items way too low
  • A lot of code refactoring - some bugs might be fixed, some might be created
  • Overall a slight performance increase

Version 2.2 Changelog

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some uninstallers from being displayed
  • Fixed crash when copying to clipboard
  • Fixed menu bar not updating with check boxes enabled
  • Fixed window having invalid position and size when running on a different system
  • Improved update filtering
  • Improved uninstall list refresh performance

Version 2.1 Changelog

  • Added an installer
    • Can install locally or create a portable copy
    • Automatically installs required .NET 3.5 framework
    • Automatically compiles the application for a fast first start
    • BCU can now self-uninstall from the Help menu, it is not shown on the uninstaller list
    • Some interface changes to display if BCU is installed or portable
  • Fixed a rare crash while displaying the progress bar
  • Tweaks to the uninstaller sorting, it takes SystemComponent and Protected flags into account now

Version 2.0 Changelog

  • Added post-uninstallation leftover/junk removal
  • Added uninstall lists (you can drag them onto the executable too!)
  • Added creation of recovery points
  • Added detection of software updates (used in new sorting algorithm)
  • Added ability to search on-line for uninstaller's name
  • Added option to disable automatic updates
  • Upgraded error reporting and updating to be automatic
  • Upgraded uninstaller sorting algorithm (used when removing multiple apps at once)
  • Some message boxes can now remember your choice
  • Improved config upgrade and error handling
  • More explicit warning when uninstalling protected entries
  • Double click in the list to open item's properties
  • URLs are now click-able in the list
  • Fixed issues with some non-English locales
  • Fixed being able to open multiple instances of BCU
  • Minor bug fixes, overall polish and interface improvements


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