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Bulk Crap Uninstaller (in short BCUninstaller or BCU) is a free (as in speech and beer) bulk program uninstaller with advanced automation. It excels at removing large amounts of applications with minimal to no user input, while requiring next to no technical knowledge.

It can detect most applications and games (even portable or not registered), clean up leftovers, force uninstall, automatically uninstall according to premade lists, and much more.

Bulk Crap Uninstaller is licensed under Apache 2.0 open source license, and can be used in both private and commercial settings for free and with no obligations, as long as no conditions of the license are broken.


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Bulk Crap Uninstaller v3.23

发布: 2017-12-18 05:07
Bulk-Crap-Uninstaller Bulk Crap Uninstaller v3.23 (4 files 隐藏)


Bugfix release! (mostly)


  • Upgraded folder select dialogs in nuke window, "Uninstall from directory" and junk backup to the new Win7+ style
  • Fixed crash when displaying program files leftovers and prevented similar issues in future
  • Fixed Dutch reg key confirm dialog crashing because of error in translated string
  • Fixed crashes with invalid unicode code points in path and other strings
  • Fixed icon extraction from files failing if files were in an UNC path
  • Fixed "could not find CleanLogs.bat" when running from UNC path
  • Fixed SeparataArgsFromCommands failing to separate some "cmd /args" type strings
  • Fixed possible crash in JunkRemoveWindow with invalid IJunkResult without Confidence
  • Fixed possible problem with date AspectToStringConverter, and inconsistent naming of GetAboutUri
  • Refactoring; moved all universal ConfidenceRecords to a separate class

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