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FCF - Javascript framework with a unique and flexible architecture It is based on unique technologies that open up new opportunities in development approaches with NODEJS. This framework has been developed for quite a long period of time, as an experimental one and does not yet contain all the planned things, but at the moment it is already able to implement practical tasks.

The framework provides unique functionality for development:

Built-in multiprocessing.

Native architecture of dynamic WEB templates, which provides the ability to work with template arguments both on the server side and on the client side.

The project includes a built-in CRON system that allows you to write handlers in pure JavaScript.

advanced query language for the FSQL database, which provides access control, centralized pre-and post-processing of queries, and also performs inheritance or merging of several tables into one entity.

The project architecture allows you to build completely single page applications.

There is a built-in administration panel and authentication system, the mechanism of accessing the database through the built-in FSQL language allows you to automatically create editing forms.

The project also includes many unique approaches for building a WEB application.




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发布: 2021-08-01 06:43
FCF Framework 1.1.36-a2 (1 files 隐藏)


Fix for version a1. Nowrapper tag excluded.

Added a software execution system when updating packages applications, and the kernel

Added router caching

Added the hookAfterRender hook

Added the command to clear the local cache "clear-cashe" in fcfmngr

Added the a_async parameter to fcf:: NClient::Wrapper::send

Added/updated the work of templates without a wrapper

Updated the menu template with the addition of new functionality

Changed the method of generating template IDs

The initial empty translation files of the application are created automatically

Updated fcf API:: NServer::Request

The order has been restored in the API for creating template arguments

Updated fcfserver (version 1.1.6)

Wrapper & clientRendering options in sub-templates are inherited from the main

Fixing the float-edit template

And as always, small fixes!


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