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3dfile is a simple OpenGL-based file browser.
Navigation is very easy; just point-and-click.


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2002-01-09 14:57

的文件和配置脚本被更新。新的二进制包,一个新的RPM文件与nVidia的吉尔联系,并为3dfile Mandrake的菜单文件被加入。
标签: Minor bugfixes
The documentation and configure scripts were updated. New binary packages, a new RPM file linked with nVidia's GL, and a Mandrake menu file for 3dfile were added.

2001-12-28 19:24

标签: Major feature enhancements
X dnd support for dragging items over Window Maker docked apps and KDE applications, image rendering capabilities through Imlib, mouse wheel support, a fix for an NVidia bug, a new help pane, and various cosmetic bugfixes.

2001-01-30 15:12

新增1 HexView,为项目的名称,音频警告,能见度功能的阴影。改进InfoView和长文件名。修改了一些议案,需要大量的时间而定。它现在叉的执行官。有新的RPM包的RH6.2
Added a HexView, shadows for item names, audio warning and a visibility function. Improved InfoView and long file names. Modified some motion to be time-dependant. It now forks on exec. There are new RPMs for RH6.2

2001-01-30 15:12

A port to Solaris, fixes for the configure script to detect glut, improved animations, scandir replacement, use of GNU getopt, support for accelerated cards, redesign of the main interface, a vertical scrollbar, information view and a text view, and new menus.

2001-01-30 15:12

现在,使用GNU的的automake / autoconf的。取代与兼容性问题在一些glibc2系统(问题)S_IXUSR S_IEXEC。 3dfile现在检查文件之前Exec的权限/ chdir。一些命令行选项说,随着原始drag'n'drop支持。深度缓冲速度被删除的原因。
Now using GNU's automake/autoconf. Replaced S_IEXEC with S_IXUSR for compatibility issues (problems on some glibc2 systems). 3dfile now checks file permissions before exec/chdir. Some command line options added, along with primitive drag'n'drop support. The depth buffer was removed for speed reasons.

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