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Animail is a multiserver POP3/APOP/IMAP4 (with or
without SSL) mail retrieval utility. It features
an advanced filtering system based on
blacklisting, whitelisting, or a combination of
both. It is possible to send an autoresponse which
prompts people to reply and add themselves to the
'autoaccept' file. It also allows filters based on
regular expressions which match against the email
headers. (If a message is filtered, only the
header is downloaded, not the entire body.)
Combining external filtering programs (e.g.
SpamAssassin or Bogofilter) as message
post-download plugins is also easily acomplished,
thus extending filtering capabilities in an
unlimited way. Available delivery options include
mailbox, maildir, local SMTP, and pipe to a command.


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2004-11-18 20:13

标签: Minor feature enhancements
When using kdialog to notify of new messages, this release won't notify when there are no new messages. Also, it won't try to reconnect to delete downloaded messages (after a network error) if no messages were downloaded.

2004-10-02 07:05

一个选项激活kdialog通知(如果可用在下载过程结束)加入。一种新的“MinimalPostFilterMatch”选项,并加入指定多少postfilters必须标记为垃圾邮件的过滤它。该文件和样本配置文件被更新,增加了有关使用作为postfilter SpamBayes信息。
标签: Minor feature enhancements
An option to activate a kdialog notification (if available) at the end of the download process was added. A new "MinimalPostFilterMatch" option was added for specifying how many postfilters must mark a message as spam for it to be filtered. The documentation and the sample configuration files were updated to add information about using SpamBayes as a postfilter.

2004-08-02 03:09

标签: Code cleanup
A few changes were done to the Makefile to prepare it for allowing .autopackage generation. An .autopackage (self-installable) file download was added.

2004-07-27 01:39

大有改善,传入与IMAP的电子邮件地址主体预览。 “无名”应该是相当难得了。
标签: Minor feature enhancements
Much improved incoming email address previsualization with IMAP. "Unknowns" should be pretty rare now.

2004-07-12 12:33

标签: Minor feature enhancements
A German translation was added, the documentation was updated, and a bug with local SMTP delivery was fixed.

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