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AweMUD is a MUD server for use with fantasy-settings. Features include fully dynamic objects and characters, an advanced scripting system, and custom worlds. The engine will eventually have completely interactive rooms (items can be placed under benches, doors can be destroyed), complex magick, and interactive NPCs.


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2006-01-16 06:01

标签: Code cleanup
Scriptix has been merged into the AweMUD codebase.

2005-11-29 23:15

扩展性的描述能力。 NPC和对象定义的蓝图。一个新的角色动作系统可用。大大扩展的脚本功能。对象日益恶化。参项可以离开尸体。许多其他附加功能和错误修正。
标签: Major feature enhancements
Expanded character description capabilities. NPCs and objects are defined by blueprints. A new character action system is available. Greatly expanded scripting capabilities. Objects deteriorate over time. NPCs can leave corpses. Many other additional features and bugfixes.

2004-07-09 22:44

标签: Minor feature enhancements
Various minor feature enhancements, bugfixes, and other small improvements make this the most stable and usable release to date.

2004-02-16 06:50

玩家帐户管理,增强的权限系统,以及一个新的控制界面,目前已经存在。 AweMUD现在也有许多出色的球员性格的细节支持,以及在各个领域加强风味的文本。其它改进包括脚本房间的出口行为,一个更大的权力动态文本分析器,和许多小特写。
标签: Major feature enhancements
Player account management, an enhanced privilege system, and a new control interface are now present. AweMUD also now has much better player character details support, along with enhanced flavor text in various areas. Additional enhancements include scriptable room exit behaviour, a more power dynamic text parser, and many more minor featurettes.

2003-12-08 12:56

标签: Major feature enhancements
A complete AI system is now included. Basic stores are now implemented. Other improvements include an updated exit system, a new garbage collector, proper use of English articles in entity names, and templated objects and NPCs.

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