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ISPConfig is an ISP management and hosting control panel. It manages your Web server, email server, BIND DNS, proftpd + vsftpd FTP server, MySQL databases, SpamAssassin, and disk quotas with an easy to use Web interface for administrators, resellers, and clients.


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2011-11-03 07:58

此版本是一个主要的更新,并引入了新的功能,比如虚拟服务器管理模块,完全支持 Nginx web 服务器,邮差邮件列表管理,支持 IPv6,在帮助模块,网站文件夹保护,将 IP 地址分配给客户端,Apache/nginx SSL 证书,SNI 支持和基于密钥的 SSH 登录支持的选项的常见问题部分。
标签: ISPConfig3
This release is a major update and introduces new functions like a Virtual server management module, full support for Nginx webserver, Mailman mailing list management, IPv6 support, a FAQ section in the Help module, Website folder protection, an option to assign IP addresses to clients, SNI support for Apache/nginx SSL certificates, and support for key-based SSH logins.

2010-06-22 02:32

标签: ISPConfig3
This release fixes some bugs that were found in version

2010-05-29 06:37

标签: ISPConfig2
This release adds support for new Linux versions, updates PHP, ClamaV, Spamassassin, and OpenSSL, and fixes several bugs.

2010-03-23 01:31

一些在ISPConfig 3.0.2发现了几个错误是固定的。
标签: ISPConfig3
Several bugs that were found in ISPConfig 3.0.2 were fixed.

2010-03-11 23:04

标签: ISPConfig3
This major release adds support for Dovecot, Bind, Powerdns. Many other new features were added and several bugs were fixed.

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