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KeyFrog monitors the keyboard and visualizes its
usage statistics. The user can obtain much
information about keyboard activity: the intensity
of keyboard usage, how was it distributed in time,
which applications were used, etc. This may be
very useful, for example, to developers to monitor
their productivity. The environment being monitored is the X Window System (text applications are explicitly supported if run inside an X terminal).


System requirement is not defined
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2013-01-29 21:33

对新的 服务器、 应用程序更好地识别和更新的文档,配置和生成系统的支持。
标签: Stable, Major
Support for new servers, better application recognition, and updated documentation, configuration, and build system.

2007-03-04 10:06

很多工作都做了系统的构建。主要KeyVis特点和工作实施。代码清理,除错和文件增强了。阿对Ubuntu 6.06二进制包的创建。
标签: Minor feature enhancements
Much work was done on the build system. The main
KeyVis features are implemented and working. Code
cleanup, bugfixes, and documentation enhancements
were made. A binary package for Ubuntu 6.06 was

2007-02-24 23:16

标签: Initial freshmeat announcement
The project is about to leave the beta phase.
Features are becoming usable.

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