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mkCDrec (Make CD-ROM Recovery) makes a bootable (El Torito) disaster recovery image, including backups of the Linux system to one or more CD-ROM(s) (multi-volume sets). Otherwise, the backups can be stored on another disk, NFS/CIFS disk, or (remote) tape. After a disk crash or system intrusion, the system can be booted from the CD-ROM and one can restore the complete system as it was. It also features disk cloning, which allows one to restore a disk to another disk (the destination disk does not have to be of the same size, as it calculates the partition layout itself). Currently, ext2, ext3, minix, MS-DOS, FAT, VFAT, Reiserfs, XFS, and JFS filesystems are supported. It can restore disks in Software RAID and LVM mode. It supports the One Button Disaster Recovery (OBDR) mode, which simulates a bootable CD-ROM on tape.


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2008-09-05 23:49 Back to release list

此版本增加了对开机与mkCDrec启动CD openSUSE和FecoraCore发布initramfs的文件系统支持,极大地提高了缓慢的USB设备的支持,并升级到版本1.12.0的busybox。
标签: Major bugfixes
This release adds support for the initramfs
filesystem for booting
OpenSuse and FecoraCore releases with the mkCDrec
boot CD, dramatically
improves slow USB device support, and upgrades
busybox to version

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